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Taman Lawang

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Language  Indonesian
Director  Aditya Gumay
Country  Indonesia
Taman Lawang movie poster
Release date  November 7, 2013 (2013-11-07)

Film hantu taman lawang full movie hd film horor indonesia terbaru 2014

Taman Lawang is a wide-screen comedy-horror movie about transvestites in Lawang Park who are forced to sell themselves for economic reasons. The film was aired simultaneously across cinemas in Indonesia starting 7 November 2013 and starring Olga Syahputra and Nikita Mirzani. Director and Executive Producer Aditya Gumai Asye Saulina Berti took months just to convince Olga Syahputra so willing to act in this film.


Taman Lawang Cinema XXI on Twitter TAMAN LAWANG tayang mulai 7 November 2013

Chand Kelvin, one of the actors who act as transgender in the movie Garden Lawang, reveals that acting became shemale has its own difficulty level. He has much to learn so her acting maximum. He also wanted to show the other side of a transvestite who do not know the crowds.:"It's a new experience. So transvestites. Cuman But that's acting. During this time, in developing community assessment that was rubbish transvestite community. Only in the movie 'Lawang Park' also raised other side. Namely how hard earn money. So I thought, transvestites do not be underestimated"

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Taman lawang 2013


Taman Lawang Minggu Siang Ini Saksikan Taman Lawang Kisah Jurnalis Investigasi

"Tamang Lawang" is the story of a young journalist named reliable Angie (Angie Virgin) are challenged to investigate mysterious events in the Garden Lawang. The event begins with the death of a transvestite, named Ningrum. Ningrum (played by Bobby Tience) died splashed times while trying to escape while there was a raid. At that time, he fled with his best friend, Cynthia (played by Olga Syahputra). After the death of Ningrum, Cynthia begins to experience strange events and occurrences are victims of terror.

Cynthia feel Ningrum angry because he could not help her when plunged into times and eventually died at the hands of his girlfriend Cynthia. Reportedly figure Ningrum and Cyhntia often haunts. Angie is keen to investigate the mysterious events continue to be haunted by the ghost Ningrum and Cynthia.


  • Olga Syahputra as well as the protagonist named Cynthia and Producer.
  • Nikita Mirzani
  • Bobby Tience
  • Ferry Irawan
  • Angie Virgin
  • Tarra Budiman
  • Chand Kelvin
  • Jony Billy
  • Ladyboys Lawang Park as cameo.
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