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Tales of the Tooth Fairies

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Created by  Françoise Caspan
Composer(s)  Gérard Labady
No. of seasons  1
Final episode date  14 December 1993
Networks  BBC One, Nick Jr.
Directed by  Vincent Monluc
Original language(s)  English French
First episode date  7 September 1993
Director  Vincent Monluc
Genres  Animated series, Child
Tales of the Tooth Fairies httpsiytimgcomvi8R0KP6Gscshqdefaultjpg
Voices of  Eric Collinson Julie Higginson Penelope Keith David Kelly Sally Ann Marsh Mathonwy Reeves Nigel Planer
Similar  Mouse and Mole, Joshua Jones, William's Wish Wellingtons, Wil Cwac Cwac, Bertha

Tales of the Tooth Fairies is a French-British-Welsh children's television programme which was created by Françoise Caspan and produced by Siriol Productions, Scott Dahls Productions, La Fabrique and Les Films du Triangle in association with JEP-Animation. It was aired on BBC1 from 7 September until 14 December 1993, along with Noddy's Toyland Adventures and BBC Two on 20 October 1994.


The series focuses on a Gisele and Martin, two milk tooth collecting mice who take it as their duty as tooth fairies (they are called tooth mice in the episodes) and giving special fitting presents to children in need on Queen Elisa's order and assisted by their friend Arthur.


  • Gisele (Voiced by Sally Ann Marsh) - One of the tooth mice. She's usually the one to collect a tooth and slip a present under a pillow.
  • Martin (Voiced by Mathonwy Reeves) - Gisele's partner. He's usually the one to throw a grappling hook and line for Gisele to climb on.
  • Arthur (Voiced by David Kelly - A cormorant and the two mice's helper who gives them rides and prevents anyone from interfering with their job.
  • Queen Elisa (Voiced by Penelope Keith) - The bossy and snappy queen of the Milk Teeth Kingdom. She decides what fitting presents Gisele and Martin must exchange for milk teeth.
  • Roland Rat - A thieving nuisance who likes to steal the two mice's presents for himself, but is always thwarted.
  • Romuald, the Reindeer -
  • Availability

  • VHS - "Tales of the Tooth Fairies: Mission Toothbrush"
  • VHS - "Crayola Presents Tales of the Tooth Fairies VHS"
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    Tales of the Tooth Fairies Wikipedia

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