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Pronunciation  Tá-ké-ó
Word/name  Japanese
Population  50,203 (1 Jan 2012)
Gender  Male
Area  195.4 km²
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Meaning  It can have many different meanings depending on the kanji used.
Weather  6°C, Wind N at 3 km/h, 90% Humidity
Points of interest  Mifuneyama garden, Takeo Shrine, Kawagonookusu Park, Mt Kurokami, Kōya‑ji Temple

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Takeo (たけお, タケオ) is a common masculine Japanese given name.


Map of Takeo, Saga Prefecture, Japan

Improving skills for the future at takeo high school saga city japan


Takeo can be written using different kanji and can mean:

  • 武夫, "warrior, man"
  • 武雄, "warrior, brave"
  • 猛雄, "fierce, brave"
  • 健男, "health, man"
  • The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana, especially by young boys who haven't learned kanji yet.

    People with the given name Takeo

  • Takeo Ando (武夫), professional Go player
  • Takeo Arishima (武郎), Japanese novelist
  • Takeo Doi (健郎), Japanese psychoanalyst
  • Takeo Fukuda (赳夫), 67th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Takeo Fukui (威夫), president and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Takeo Hatanaka (武夫), Japanese astronomer
  • Takeo Hirose (武夫), officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • Takeo Itō (武夫), general in the Imperial Japanese Army
  • Takeo Kajiwara (武雄), Japanese professional Go player
  • Takeo Kanade (武雄), Japanese researcher in Computer Vision
  • Takeo Kawamura (丈夫), Japanese professional baseball player
  • Takeo Kawamura (建夫), Japanese politician
  • Takeo Kikuchi (武夫), Japanese industrial and fashion designer
  • Takeo Kimura (木村 威夫, 1918–2010), Japanese filmmaker
  • Takeo Komatsu (太計雄), Japanese photographer
  • Takeo Kurita (健男), vice-admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • Takeo Miki (武夫), 66th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Takeo Miratsu (健雄), Japanese video game and Anime composer
  • Takeo Nishioka (武夫), Japanese politician
  • Takeo Otsuka (武生), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Takeo Shiota (1881–1943), Japanese-American landscape architect
  • Takeo Spikes, American football linebacker
  • Takeo Takagi (武雄), admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • Takeo Takahashi (丈夫), Japanese animation director
  • Takeo Uesugi (上杉武夫), Japanese-American landscape architect
  • Takeo Yasuda (武雄), general in the Imperial Japanese Army
  • Takeo Yoshikawa (猛夫), Japanese spy
  • Fictional characters with the given name Takeo

  • Takeo Saeki (剛雄), software developer
  • Takeo Masaki, character in Call of Duty: World at War – Zombies
  • Otori Takeo, main character in the Tales of the Otori series by Lian Hearn
  • Takeo, mascot for the Nekocon anime convention
  • References

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