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Television Network

J&T Media Enterprises

2 March 2002

Market share
21,2; 26,6 (primetime)


Key people
Marcel Grega CEO

Bratislava, Slovakia

Parent organization
J&T Media Enterprises

TV JOJ httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons66

Slovakia, Czech Republic

"Zážitok vidieť" ("See the experiences")

Marcel Grega (20 Feb 2014–)

"Zážitok vidieť" ("See the experiences")

TV shows
Panelák, Česko Slovensk, Profesionáli, Kutyil sro, Lokal TV


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TV JOJ is a private TV channel in Slovakia.


It was launched on 2 March 2002 as a successor of the TV Global, which was broadcasting since March 2000. The station first slogan was "Nuda na Slovensku skončila" - "Boredom in Slovakia has finished". TV Joj was built by former head of Czech Republic channel TV Nova, Vladimír Železný, when he was at war with TV Nova’s U.S. investor Central European Media Enterprises (CME). Through Joj, Železný wanted to shake the dominance of CME’s station in Slovakia, TV Markíza, which was enjoying almost 50 percent of the country’s nationwide audience. In its first years on the market, TV Joj failed. Surviving through airing an anemic TV Nova diet, the station was beaten in ratings by TV Nova itself, whose strong signal reached deep into Slovakia. Still, many are reported to have decided to stay anyway.

In 2004, when CME bought back TV Nova, the Americans had to divest from TV Joj as Slovak legislation forbids a company to own two nationwide TV stations. The Czechs sold TV Joj back to Grafobal. As of 2004, TV Joj somewhat improved its audience and increased its reach from 65 percent of the country to 80 percent in 2005. Behind Grafobal is the Slovak businessman Ivan Kmotrík. His empire encompasses the country’s largest newspaper distributor and retailer Mediaprint & Kapa Pressegrosso, four large printing houses and the advertising agency EURO RSCG Artmedia, among others.

J&T Media Enterprises, a J&T vehicle, bought Mac TV, the holder of the license for TV Joj, from Grafobal Group in January 2007. At the same time, from J&T Finance Group, Grafobal Group received the all-news TV station TA3, becoming the full owner of CEN, the company operating TA3.

Peter Korbačka, owner of J&T Media Enterprises and partner in J&T, is thrilled with Joj’s "strong position" on the Slovak market, calling it a "very good start-up project". He also hopes that with Joj, the third largest station in the country in terms of audience share, J&T will start building a strong media business in Slovakia — but it won’t be an easy task.

Markíza can no longer compete with TV JOJ. TV JOJ has toughen up their primetime and their average weekly audience share has increased to 21,8 % as of July 2, 2012. Markíza's weekly audience share is 26,7 % nowadays. TV Markíza has recorded a massive decrease of audience share. Back to 2007 they had average weekly audience share up to 39,7%.

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Telenovelas broadcast in past

  • Por Amor
  • Carita Pintada
  • Luna salvaje
  • Pobre Diabla
  • Milagros
  • Tres veces Sofía
  • Carissima
  • Alma Rebelde
  • Un nuevo amor
  • Yo soy Betty, la fea
  • Mi Destino Eres Tú
  • Ecomoda
  • La revancha
  • La Mentira
  • Por un beso
  • Perla
  • La duda
  • Gata salvaje
  • Ángel rebelde
  • Information about the shows

  • Panelák - daily soap, very successful. Aired in prime time when it reaches 30% share. It was airing on TV Prima.
  • Starring: Diana Mórová, Mirka Partlová, Roman Luknár, Marián Miezga, Vladimir Kobielsky, Božidara Turzonovová, and others.
  • Mafstory - slovak sitcom about mafian clan of Molnár family.
  • Starring: Roman Fratrič, Peter Batthyány, Peter Sklár, Ivan Macho, Martin Vanek, Gabriela Dzuríková, and others.
  • Súdna Sieň - TV show about cases in camerae.
  • Dr. Hermanová - TV show about psychological cases.
  • Kutyil s.r.o. - TV show about Hungarian repairman living in Slovakia. In first season he has a TV show about repairing things. Series has been based on Home Improvement sitcom.
  • Starring: Viki Ráková, Andy Kraus, and others
  • Profesionáli - Slovak sitcom about stories on police office.
  • Starring: Peter Batthyány, Helena Krajčiová, Csongor Kassai, Janko Kroner
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