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First flight  2014

THPB UAV is a series of Chinese UAV developed by Tonghua Police Bureau (THPB, 通化市公安局) and has entered service with local law enforcement. As of 2014, a total of three types of UAV have been developed, and all of them are Tongfei (通飞) series, all of which are equipped with satellite navigation.


Tongfei 1

The first model of Tongfei series is Tongfei 1, which is the smallest UAV of three. Tongfei 1 is a quadcopter with a pair of skids as landing gear, and it is a light weight UAV with the entire system being able to be carried and deployed by a single person. Tongfei 1 is mainly used as in reconnaissance missions. Tongfei 1 is capable of auotonomously flight and automatically landing.

Tongfei 2

Tongfei 2 is the second model of Tongfei series, and it is a large hexacopter with a pair of skids of landing gear. An unusual feature of Tongfei 2 that is not present on most hexacopters in the world is that all of its rotors are protected by having circular rails around every rotor. Tongfei 2 is capable of operating in wind scale 5 weather, and in addition to surveillance, Tongfei 2 can be used to drop emergency relief supplies in disaster relief efforts or as an aerial weaponry platform to launch non-lethal weapons such as tear gas.

Tongfei 3

Tongfei 3 is the third model of Tongfei series, and it is the first fixed-wing UAV developed by THPB. Tongfei 3 is in conventional aircraft layout with high wing configuration and a pair of skids as landing gear. Propulsion is provided by a propeller driven pusher engine mounted behind the main wing. Tongfei 3 is mainly intended for aerial surveillance missions, and payload is mounted above the nose of the fuselage. Specification:

  • Endurance (hr): 1
  • Range (km): 60
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