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Starring  See Presenters section
Original language(s)  Italian
Running time  generally 30 minutes
Country of origin  Italy
No. of episodes  N/A
Original network  Rai 2

TG2 (TeleGiornale 2) is the brand for the news programmes of Rai 2, the Italian state-owned television channel. The programmes are shown several times throughout the day — domestically on Rai Due, and across Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia and Australasia on Raitalia. It was launched in 1961 as Telegiornale del Secondo Programma before adopting its current name in 1976.


Editor and political leanings

The editor-in-chief of the programmes is Marcello Masi. (caretaker). The vice director is Carlo Pilieci and Originally TG2 was born politically near to the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and the Italian Socialist Party (PSI)).

Program format

The program are generally presented by a single newsreader but with additional newsreaders for sports features. Most items are pre-recorded reports and are generally followed by a correspondent reporting live from the scene of the report.

It uses a one-line red scrolling news ticker which features breaking news.

TG2 Insieme

From Monday to Friday at 10:00 (48 minutes). This show is edited by Giovanni Alibrandi. Presenters:

  • Marzia Roncacci
  • Adele Ammendola
  • TG2 Flash

    From Monday to Friday at 10:40 or 10:45 (2–7 minutes), this only happens during the summer season. Presenters:

  • Chiara Lico
  • Francesca Romana Elisei
  • Ilaria Capitani
  • Frediana Biasutti
  • TG2 Giorno

    From Monday to Sunday at 13:00 (about 30 minutes). Presenters:

  • Chiara Lico
  • Francesca Romana Elisei
  • Nadia Zicoschi
  • Piergiorgio Giacovazzo
  • TG2 Tutto il bello che c'e'

    This airs only on Tuesday at 13:30 (10–20 minutes). Presenters:

  • Silvia Vaccarezza
  • TG2 Costume e Società

    From Monday to Thursday at 13:30 (12 minutes). Presenters:

  • Laura Sansavini
  • TG2 Medicina 33

    From Monday to Thursday (10–11 minutes). Presenters:

  • Laura Berti
  • TG2 Flash L.I.S.

    From Monday to Sunday at 17:55 and 18:00 on weekends. Presenters:

  • Adele Ammendola (Conductor)
  • Elisabetta Migliorelli (Conductor)
  • Luca Salerno
  • Maria Civita Di Mario (LIS Interpreter)
  • Fiorella Vallotti (LIS Interpreter)
  • Silvia Del Vecchio (LIS Interpreter)
  • TG2 ore 20:30

    From Monday to Sunday at 20:30 (about 24–33 minutes). Presenters:

  • Adele Ammendola
  • Maria Concetta Mattei
  • Luca Salerno
  • Maurizio Martinelli
  • Dario Laruffa
  • TG2 ore 22:40

    From Monday to Sunday at 22:40-00:00am hour (about 12-13 minutes). This airs after 1–2 hours or even the next day. Presenters:

  • Simonetta Guidotti
  • Ilaria Antonini
  • Maria Leitner
  • Sandro Petrone
  • Daniela Orsello
  • Tg2 Dossier

    This airs only on Saturday at 23:50 (about 56 minutes). Presenters:

    TG2 Storie. I racconti della settimana

    This airs only on Sunday at 00:35 (about 47 minutes). The show is cared and/or edited by Maira Concetta Mattei Presenters:

    TG2 Mizar

    This airs only on Sunday at 1:15 (20 minutes). Presenters:

  • Tommasco Ricci
  • TG 2 Cinematineè

    This airs only on Sunday @ 01:40 (5 minutes). Presenters:

  • Loretta Cavaricci (host)
  • Fabrizio Feliziani (mounting)
  • TG2 Achab Libri

    This airs only on Sunday @ 01:45 (7 minutes). Presenters:

  • Loretta Cavaricci (host)
  • Enrico Venier (imagery)
  • Barbara Eleuteri (mounting)
  • Antonio Silvestri (mounting)
  • Ida Colucci (reporter)
  • Tg2 Sì, Viaggiare

    This airs only on Sunday at 01:50 (11 minutes). Presenters:

  • Silvia Vaccarezza (host)
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