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TASW Heavyweight Championship

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Date established  November 18, 1995
Date won  March 26, 2016
Current champion(s)  J-Sin Sullivan
First champion(s)  Humungous
Promotion  Texas All-Star Wrestling
Most reigns  Mr. Mayhem, Humongous & ZenZen (3 Times)

The TASW Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling heavyweight championship in Texas All-Star Wrestling. It is the main championship title established in TASW, having been introduced in 1995, and remains the oldest active championship in the state of Texas.


The inaugural champion was Humungous (Bob Murphy), who defeated Dynamite Dixon in a tournament final on November 18, 1995 to become the first TASW Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Mayhem holds the record for most reigns, with three. He also holds the distinction of being the only champion never to have been pinned for the title. At 735 days, ZenZen's second reign is the longest in the title's history. Bret Basics' only reign was the shortest in the history of the title as it was held up less than a month after he won it. He was the youngest wrestler ever to hold the title. Overall, there have been 32 reigns shared between 26 wrestlers, with seven vacancies.

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