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System Global Area

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In the database management systems developed by the Oracle Corporation, the System Global Area (SGA) forms the part of the system memory (RAM) shared by all the processes belonging to a single Oracle database instance. The SGA contains all information necessary for the instance operation.



In general, the SGA consists of the following:

  • buffer cache: holds copies of data blocks read from datafiles
  • dictionary cache: holds information about data dictionary tables, such as information about account, datafile, segment, extent, table and privileges
  • redo log buffer: contains information about database transactions, both committed and uncommitted, in preparation for writing to online redo log files
  • shared pool: holds the dictionary or row cache, the library cache, cursor definitions and shared SQL.
  • Java pool: holds information for parsing Java statements.
  • large pool: including the User Global Area (UGA))
  • stream pool:this is remote connectivity for the database.
  • log buffer:this is cirucular ratiation and modify or change all data in database.
  • Configuration

    From Oracle Database version 10g, Automatic Memory Management (AMM) allows simplified and dynamic configuration of the SGA.


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