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Syrian Nonviolence Movement

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Founded  November 2011
Type  Non-profit NGO
Motto  To build a pluralistic society based on the values of justice, freedom and dignity.
Location  Syria/ Global Registered in Paris
Services  achieve social, cultural and political change in the Syrian state and society
Fields  Media attention, awareness campaigns, peaceful struggle and civil resistance

The Syrian Nonviolence Movement is a non-governmental organization formed in 2011 by a group of Syrian activists. They believe in peaceful struggle and civil resistance as a way to achieve social, cultural and political change in the Syrian state and society.


The organization aims to spread awareness about how the change should happen in the society with no violence and through non-violence tactics.

Dignity Strike

Syrian Nonviolence Movement has conducted several grassroots initiatives since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, such as karamah Strike (known as "Dignity Strike in Syria")

Freedom Days

The group gathered other non-violence groups under an umbrella called "Freedom Days" which organized and planned many non-violent activities and projects during the Syrian Revolution

Non-violence Map

The Syrian Nonviolence Movement produced a map of nonviolence activities during the Syrian Civil War. The interactive map visualize many civil initiatives that were emerged during the civil war


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