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Symphony No. 2: Kleetüden

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The Symphony No. 2: Kleetüden; Variationen für Orchester nach Paul Klee (Variations for Orchestra after Paul Klee) by Jason Wright Wingate was completed in 2009 and consists of 27 movements, each depicting a painting or drawing by Paul Klee. In form, the movements are also variations on a musical theme based on the letters of the artist's name, each taking its title from the Klee work referenced.

The Symphony's movements, with English translation of titles followed by tempo markings, are as follows:

  1. Bewegung der Gewölbe ("Movement of the Vaulted Chambers") - Andante gotico
  2. Furcht vor Verdoppelung ("Fear of Becoming Double") - Vivace misurato
  3. Eros ("Eros") - Grave libidinoso
  4. Die Zwitschermaschine ("The Twittering Machine") - Allegro meccanico
  5. Gelehrter ("Scholar") - Lento con moto
  6. Flucht vor sich [erstes Stadium] ("Flight from Oneself [First State]") - Prestissimo
  7. Einsiedelei ("Hermitage") - Larghetto introspettivo
  8. Der Tod für die Idee ("Death for an Idea") - Vivace portentoso
  9. Zwillinge ("Twins") - Allegro compiaciuto
  10. Seltsamer Garten ("Strange Garden") - Largo germogliare
  11. Rechnender Greis ("Old Man Counting") - Andante calcolazione
  12. Fatales Fagott Solo ("Fatal Bassoon Solo") - Allegretto sinistro
  13. Uhrpflanzen ("Clock-plants") - Adagietto cronologico
  14. Fuge in Rot ("Fugue in Red") - Moderato rossastro
  15. Regen ("Rain") - Allegretto spruzzatina
  16. Paukenspieler ("Kettledrummer") - Grave morboso
  17. Ein Stückchen Eden ("A Fragment of Eden") - Andantino innocente
  18. Mit den beiden Verirrten ("With the Two Lost Ones") - Lento ansioso
  19. Leidende Frucht ("Suffering Fruit") - Lento antropomorfismo
  20. Ausgang der Menagerie ("Outing of the Menagerie") - Vivace zoologico
  21. Mädchen in Trauer ("Girl in Mourning") - Andante addolorato
  22. Schwarzer Fürst ("Black Prince") - Allegro bellicoso
  23. Gestirne über dem Tempel ("The Firmament Above the Temple") - Larghissimo contemplativo
  24. Katze und Vogel ("Cat and Bird") - Andantino desideroso
  25. Anatomie der Aphrodite ("Anatomy of Aphrodite") - Allegretto cubista
  26. Die Schlangengöttin und ihr Feind ("The Snake Goddess and Her Foe") - Con moto mitologico
  27. Ad Parnassum ("To Parnassus") - Allegro trascendente


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