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Symbolic chickens

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Chickens have been widely used as national symbols, and as mascots for clubs, businesses, and other associations.

  • The chicken is a national symbol of France and is used as an (unofficial) national mascot, in particular for sports teams. See also: Gallic rooster.
  • The Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) independent party ZANU party used a chicken as a symbol, since a majority of Rhodesian citizens (mostly native African black) were analphabetic due to lack of school funding for the poor, so they use symbol or mascot to identify their political party.
  • The standard of Sir Robin from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a chicken.
  • The town of Denizli in Republic of Turkey is symbolized by a chicken.
  • The mascot of the English Premiership team Tottenham Hotspur is a cockerel.
  • Sydney Roosters Australian rugby league team
  • The North Adelaide Football Club are also nicknamed the Roosters.
  • The Rhode Island Red is the state bird of Rhode Island.
  • Pathé corporate logo
  • The athletic teams of the University of South Carolina "The USC" (the original USC) use the Gamecock (the fighting cock) as mascot and use the "Gamecocks" as their moniker.
  • Clube Atlético Mineiro, a soccer team in the Brazilian League has a rooster for mascot and is nicknamed "Galo" (Rooster).
  • Fighting Cock brand of Bourbon uses a mean rooster as their trademark.
  • The State Bird of Delaware is the Blue Hen, as well being the Mascot for the University of Delaware sports teams.
  • Packets of the popular cereal Cornflakes from Kellogg's prominently feature a cockerel.
  • The Big Chicken of Marietta, Georgia houses a Kentucky Fried Chicken location, and is used as a navigational aid for local military pilots.
  • Hector Chicken is the eponymous bird who gives his name to the fast food restaurant chain in Belgium and France.
  • Le Coq Sportif or "the athletic rooster" is a French sports equipment manufacturer.
  • "Chicken" is the nonprofit mascot of technology nonprofit iGetcha.org.
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