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Syed Noor ul Hassan Bukhari

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Resting place  Jalal Bakri
Nationality  Pakistani
Years active  1928-1983
Died  1983, Multan, Pakistan
Residence  Multan
Occupation  Writer/Scholar
Organization  Tanzeem ahlay sunnat
Alma mater  Darul Uloom Deoband

Maulana Syed Noor-ul-Hassan Bukhari was a Muslim Hanafi Deobandi Scholar, religious and political leader2] from the Indian subcontinent. He was one of the Tanzeem-e-Ahlay Sunnat's founding members


Early life

He was born in Rajanpur in 1902. He started his education in 1911 and after five years of education he was appointed as P.S.T In Jampur where he served till 1929. After that he Went to Darul uloom deoband.

Education at Darul Uloom Deoband

At Darul Uloom he Studied Hadith. He studied Bukhari shareef from Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni , Sunan Abu Dawood from Mufti Mohammed Shafi, Sahih Muslim from Shabbir Ahmad Usmani and Muwatta Imam Malik from Allama Ibrahim Balyavi.

Service For Tehreek-e-Khtam-e-Naboowat

On request of Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari and Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri He served for Tehreek-e-Khatme Nabuwwat and organized many public gatherings in Multan and made speeches.

Founding of Tanzeem and religious career

Sardar Ahmad Khan Pitafi started an organization to collect the scattered power of Ahlay Sunnat .He gave name to that organization as Ahlay Sunnat. Its purpose was to guide people in totally non-political manner .First meeting of tanzeem dated 12 December 1943 was held in Jam Pur district Dera Ghazi Khan District air & selection of officials for Executive Committee was performed. Sardar Mehmood Khan Leghari was selected as President, Sardar Ahmad Khan as Chief controller while Syed Noor Hassan Shah Bukhari was selected as Party Organizer. After establishing office on 14 April 1944 in Amritsar, Hazrat Bukhari devoted himself to organizational matters. Though office was established in a rural area, he worked very hard & as a result just within one year he introduced the organization throughout the whole country. When in 1945 a party meeting was arranged in Lahore a large number of scholars attended the meeting such as Hazrat Abdul Shakoor Lucknowi, Hazrat Madni, Mufti Mohammad Kifayat ulllah.

Writing career & oratory career

Throughout His Career Maulana Was an Amazing Speaker he made some very memorable speeches. After Syed ata Ullah Shah he was leading speaker of Multan.

Maulana Was writer of many historical,educational and Religious Books. Some of his famous books are

  • Al Ashaab fil kitab
  • Kashf ul Haqaiq
  • Touheed aur Shirk ki Haqeeqat
  • Shahdat e Usman
  • Yar e Ghar e Nabi
  • Hayat ul Amwat
  • Bashriyat un Nabbi
  • Islam Main Sahabah Ka Maqam
  • Masaib us Sahabah
  • Aadilana difa
  • Death

    Maulana Died on 3 January 1983 in Multan


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