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Sydney Trains fleet

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The Sydney Trains fleet serves the metropolitan lines within Sydney, Australia. All of the rolling stock are double-deck electric multiple units and operate mainly as eight carriage sets.


S set (1972–1980)

S sets were manufactured by Comeng and A Goninan & Co. They were Sydney's first stainless steel double deck carriages. Two thirds of the fleet have been replaced by Waratahs; however, service expansion will not allow all S sets to be replaced by these trains. The remaining S sets will be replaced by H sets from NSW TrainLink when new Intercity trains are introduced (expected 2019) to replace V sets and allowing some H sets to be reallocated to Sydney Trains suburban services. In June 2014, when the final A set was delivered, the government announced all timetabled services would be airconditioned as S sets were removed from timetabled services and allowing them to operate as standbys. However, a few of the trains operate on all Sector 2 lines. S sets are the only passenger trains still in service in NSW which are not air conditioned.

S Sets currently run on

  • T7 Olympic Park Line
  • Standby sets on T2, T3, T5 and T6
  • K set (1981–1985)

    K sets were manufactured by A Goninan & Co and were Sydney's first air-conditioned suburban trains. The first eight carriages built were built with air-conditioning, the remainder of the first order were built with forced-air ventilation, and retrofitted with air-conditioning in 2000. The second order were built with air-conditioning.

    K Sets run on

  • T1 line
  • T2 line
  • T3 line
  • T5 line
  • T6 line
  • T7 line (rarely)
  • C set (1986)

    C sets were manufactured by A Goninan & Co. They were introduced in 1986 due to a delay in the design and introduction of the Tangara trains. They are distinguished by a moulded fiberglass front. They are also distinguished by the different sound of their brakes. They were the first trains to introduce the unpopular fixed seating. There are 14 C sets (C1-C14) The order was for 56 cars: Power cars - C3581-C3608 Trailer cars - T4247-T4274

    The first set entered service in July 1986 operating out of Mortdale Maintenance Depot some were delivered to Hornsby Maintenance Depot, but by December 1988 all were operating out of Punchbowl Maintenance Depot as sets K40-K51

    C sets run

  • T2 line
  • T3 line
  • T5 line
  • T6 line
  • T7 line
  • T set (Tangara) (1988–1995)

    Tangaras (T sets) are the third generation of electric rollingstock on the suburban network and were manufactured by A Goninan & Co. They feature a distinctive sloped appearance at the cab ends and run in 4 or 8 car configuration. They were introduced between 1988 and 1994, replacing the last of the first generation single deck electrics which had operated since the 1920s.

    The last 80 carriages were built as G sets in 1994/95. These ran on shorter interurban services to Springwood, Port Kembla and Wyong. The G sets had baggage storage in each carriage, reversible seats, a toilet and a selective door opening capability for use with shorter platforms in outer suburban areas. These trains also operated on suburban runs, especially outside of peak hours. Following the introduction of the H sets (OSCARs), the G Sets were converted into purely suburban trains and reclassified as T Sets. The toilets were removed during the conversion process but many of the other unique features remain.

    T Sets currently run on T1 and T4, although they rarely run on T2 and T3.

    M set (Millennium) (2002–2005)

    Millennium trains (M sets) were introduced between 2002 and 2005, constituting the fourth generation of suburban rollingstock. These were the first suburban trains in Sydney fitted with a multiphase alternating current traction system. They replaced the Tulloch trailers which the S sets ran with.

    M sets run on

  • T2
  • T3
  • T6
  • H Set (OSCar) 2006-2012

    OSCAR H sets were introduced to in 2006-12. The H sets are shared with (and primarily operated by) NSW TrainLink. They are examples of fourth generation trains. The trains will see renovated use on Sydney Trains services once the proposed NSW TrainLink Intercity Train Project is completed. The new H sets will be based on the same as the A set Waratah trains.

    H Sets run on

  • T1 North Shore, Northern and Western Lines (peak only)
  • T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawara Line (peak only)
  • Blue Mountains services (can only run east of Springwood, due to width restrictions)
  • Central Coast and Newcastle Line
  • South Coast Line
  • A set (Waratah) (2011–2014)

    Waratah trains are the newest rolling stock in the fleet. Based on the M Set, the design incorporates a number of advancements including 'smart' air-conditioning, newly revamped DVAs, newly revamped extensive use of LED lighting, internal and external closed-circuit television cameras, and a redesigned vestibule area with a wider entrance area and increased priority seating. Waratahs are also the first to consist of an indivisible eight-car configuration. The trains are manufactured in China by the Changchun Railway Vehicles, with internal fitting-out performed by Downer Rail at Cardiff Locomotive Workshops. The first Waratah train entered service on 1 July 2011 with 78 sets completed in June 2014. They replaced most R & S sets, first introduced in the 1970s.

    An order for 24 trains of a very similar design was announced in December 2016. These trains will include a number of upgrades compared to the original Waratahs and are expected to enter service from late 2018.

    A Sets run on

  • T1 Line
  • T2 line
  • T3 line
  • T7 line (special events)
  • Maintenance Depots

    Sydney Trains' electric trains are based at maintenance depots. The colour of target plate at the front of each train reveals the train's maintenance depot.

    Mortdale Maintenance Depot (Red target plates)

    The following trains are maintained at Mortdale Maintenance Depot:

  • T sets on Sector 1 (Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line)
  • T sets on South Coast Line local services
  • The out stabling and depot points for Sector 1 include Cronulla, Waterfall and Bondi Junction.

    Flemington Maintenance Depot (Blue target plates)

    The following trains are maintained at Flemington Maintenance Depot:

  • S sets, K sets and C sets on Sector 2 (Airport, Inner West and South, Bankstown, Cumberland, Carlingford and Olympic Park lines)
  • V sets on Blue Mountain and Newcastle Services
  • The out stabling and depot points for Sector 2 include Campbelltown and Liverpool.

    Hornsby Maintenance Depot (Black target plates)

    The following trains are maintained at Hornsby Maintenance Depot:

    K sets and T sets on Sector 3 (North Shore, Northern & Western Line)

    The out stabling and depot points for Sector 3 include Penrith, Blacktown, Richmond, North Sydney and Hornsby.

    Eveleigh Maintenance Centre (Green target plates)

    The following trains are maintained at Eveleigh Maintenance Centre:

  • M sets on Sector 2
  • H sets on the intercity services and selected suburban services in Sectors 1 and 3
  • Auburn Maintenance Centre

    The Auburn Maintenance Centre was built to exclusively maintain the 78 Waratah Trains.


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