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Swiss referendums, 2010

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Six referendums were held in Switzerland during 2010; three in March on pension funds, animal protection and a constitutional amendment, one in September on unemployment benefits, and two in November on deporting foreign criminals and introducing a canton tax.



Voters approved Provision 1, an amendment to the constitution on research on humans.

Voters rejected Provision 2, a federal decree on providing enhanced legal protection for animals.

Voters also rejected Provision 3, a federal law which would change the minimum conversion rate for occupational and disability pension plans.


The referendum held on 26 September had a single topic, namely the revision of unemployment benefits. The centre and right-wing parties were in favour of the revision, which was undertaken to reduce the debt of the ALV, while the left-wing parties were against it.

The referendum was approved by 53.4% of voters, although only the German-speaking cantons (all of them except Basel-Stadt, which was against it with 50.4%) approved it.


The referendum held on 28 November had two issues:

  • «Für die Ausschaffung krimineller Ausländer» ("For the deportation of criminal foreigners"), proposed by the Swiss People's Party, as well as a counterproposal by the other partes; and
  • «Steuergerechtigkeits-Initiative» ("Taxation justice initiative") for higher taxes on high incomes and property as well as the introduction of a minimum cantonal tax.
  • The SVP's federal popular initiative on deportation was accepted with 52.2% and a majority of cantons in favour, while the counterproposal failed with only 44.5% in favour. Whilst it was not required, the tie-breaker showed a majority of voters against but a majority of cantons for. On February 28, 2016, a follow-up initiative, also launched by the SVP, was rejected by voters. The deportation initiative went in effect on October 1, 2016.

    The taxation initiative failed with only 41.5% in favour.


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