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Swabian Keuper Lias Plains

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The Swabian Keuper-Lias Plains (German: Schwäbisches Keuper-Lias-Land) is a major natural region in southwest Germany and includes the southwesternmost part of the Keuper Uplands, which is bordered immediately to the north by the Swabian Jura.

Natural regions

The Swabian Keuper lands are divided into three natural regional groups and their 3-figure major units which are given 3-figure numbers:

  • 10 (=D58) Swabian Keuper-Lias Plains
  • 100 Foreland of the western Swabian Jura (Vorland der mittleren Schwäbischen Alb)
  • 101 Foreland of the central Swabian Jura (Vorland der mittleren Schwäbischen Alb)
  • 102 Foreland of the eastern Swabian Jura (Vorland der östlichen Schwäbischen Alb)
  • 103 Nördlinger Ries
  • 104 Schönbuch and Glemswald
  • Rammert
  • Schönbuch
  • Glemswald
  • 105 Stuttgart Bay
  • 106 Filder
  • 107 Schurwald and Welzheim Forest
  • Schurwald
  • Lower Rems Valley
  • Welzheim Forest
  • 108 Swabian-Franconian Forest (Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald)
  • Heilbronn Hills
  • Löwenstein Hills
  • Mainhardt Forest
  • Waldenburg Hills
  • Murrhardt Forest
  • Limpurg Hills
  • Ellwangen Hills
  • Virngrund
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