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Svoboda (surname)

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Svoboda is a common surname among West Slavic nations. Svobodová is a Czech feminine form of the surname. For more than century it is one of the three most common Czech surnames.



The primary meaning of the word is "freedom" or "liberty" in the Czech language. As a surname, it used to refer to "free men" (to distinguish them from "serfs"). In the old Czech orthography the word was written as Swoboda and this spelling is still preserved in countries where the letter "w" is common, such as Poland or German-speaking countries. The Slovak, Croatian and Serbian version is written as "Sloboda".

People named Svoboda

  • Adam Svoboda (born 1978), a Czech ice hockey goaltender
  • Antonín Svoboda (1907–1980), a Czech computer scientist, mathematician, electrical engineer, and researcher
  • Bill Svoboda (1928–1980), an American football linebacker
  • Bohuslav Svoboda, Czech politician, mayor of Prague
  • Cyril Svoboda (born 1956), former Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
  • David Svoboda, Czech modern pentathlete
  • František Svoboda (1906–1948), a Czech football player
  • František Svoboda (canoeist) (born 1904), a Czechoslovak canoeist
  • Gabriela Svobodová (born 1953), a former Czech cross country skier
  • Hana Svobodová, beauty competition winner
  • J. Steven Svoboda, a patent lawyer
  • Jakub Svoboda, Czech ice hockey player
  • Jaroslav Svoboda (born 1980), Czech ice hockey right winger
  • Jim Svoboda, American football coach
  • Jiří Svoboda (canoeist) (born 1954), a Czechoslovak sprint canoeist
  • Jiří Svoboda (volleyball) (born 1941), a Czech former volleyball player
  • Jiřina Ptáčníková Svobodová, (born 1986), Czech female pole vaulter, wife of the Czech hurdler Petr Svoboda
  • Jindřich Svoboda (footballer) (born 1952), a Czech football player
  • Jindřich Svoboda (aviator) (1917–1942), a Czech bomber captain in the RAF
  • Josef Svoboda (1920–2002), a Czech artist and scenic designer
  • Karel Svoboda (1938–2007), a Czech composer of popular music
  • Karel Svoboda (artist) (1824–1870), a Czech painter of historical scenes
  • Květoslav Svoboda (born 1982), a Czech freestyle swimmer
  • Ludvík Svoboda (1895–1979), a Czechoslovak general and politician
  • Marcel Svoboda (born 1976), a Czech ski mountaineer
  • Martin Svoboda (born 1975), Czech football goalkeeper
  • Milan Svoboda, a Czechoslovak slalom canoeist
  • Miroslav Svoboda (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Oldřich Svoboda (born 1967), Czech ice hockey goalkeeper
  • Patrik Svoboda (born 1994), Czech football player
  • Pavel Svoboda (born 1962), a Czech politician and lawyer
  • Pavel Svoboda (organist) (born 1987), a Czech Organist
  • Petr Svoboda (born 1966), a retired Czech professional ice hockey defenseman
  • Petr Svoboda (athlete) (born 1984), a Czech athlete, competing in the hurdle sprint
  • Petr Svoboda (ice hockey b. 1980) (born 1980), a former professional ice hockey defenceman
  • Radoslav Svoboda, Czech ice hockey player
  • Stanislav Svoboda, Czech cyclist
  • Svatopluk Svoboda (1886–1971), a Czech gymnast
  • Terese Svoboda, an American author from New York City
  • Tomáš Svoboda (composer) (born 1939), a prolific Czech-American contemporary classical composer
  • Tomáš Svoboda (ice hockey) (born 1987), a Czech ice hockey forward
  • Zdeněk Svoboda (born 1972), a former professional footballer
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