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Sviatoslav or Svyatoslav is a given name of Slavic origin. Cognates include Svetoslav, Svatoslav, Świętosław, Svetislav. It has a Pre-Christian pagan character and means "one who worships the light". In Christian times the name's meaning started to be associated with the roots "sveat'" (holy) + "slava" (worship), to be explained as "One who worships the Holy". A diminutive form for Sviatoslav is Svetlyo (Bulgarian), Slava (Russian), Świętek (Polish), Slavik (Ukrainian). Its feminine form is Sviatoslava. The name may refer to:



  • Sviatoslav I of Kiev (c. 942 – 972), emperor of Rus
  • Sviatoslav II of Kiev (1027–1076), prince of Kiev and Chernigov
  • Sviatoslav III of Kiev (before 1141–1194), prince of Turov (1142 and 1154), Vladimir and Volyn (1141–1146), Pinsk (1154), Novgorod-Seversky (1157–1164), Chernigov (1164–1177), Grand Prince of Kiev (1174, 1177–1180, 1182–1194)
  • Sviatoslav Olgovich (before 1108–1164), prince of Novgorod-Severski (1136–1138, 1139), Belgorod (1141–1154) and Chernigov (1154–1164)
  • Sviatoslav III of Vladimir (1196–1252), prince of Vladimir and Novgorod
  • Sports

  • Svyatoslav Syrota (born 1970), Ukrainian sport administrator and former player
  • Other

  • Svyatoslav Fyodorov (1927–2000), Russian ophthalmologist
  • Svyatoslav Piskun (born 1959), Ukrainian statesman
  • Sviatoslav Richter (1915–1997), Soviet pianist
  • Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (born 1975), Ukrainian singer
  • References

    Sviatoslav Wikipedia

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