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Svein is a Norwegian masculine given name which may refer to:



  • Sweyn Haakonsson (died c. 1016), in Norwegian Svein Håkonsson, an earl and co-ruler of Norway from 1000 to c. 1015
  • Svein Knutsson (c. 1016–1035), King of Norway as Sweyn II
  • Politicians, civil servants and businessmen

  • Svein Aaser (born 1946), Norwegian business executive
  • Svein Alsaker (born 1940), Norwegian politician
  • Svein Olav Agnalt (born 1949), Norwegian politician
  • Svein Fjellheim (born 1945), Norwegian trade unionist and politician
  • Svein Flåtten (born 1944), Norwegian politician
  • Svein Gjedrem (born 1950), Norwegian economist and former Governor of the Central Bank of Norway
  • Svein Gjelseth (born 1950), Norwegian politician
  • Svein Roald Hansen (born 1949), Norwegian politician
  • Svein Harberg (born 1958), Norwegian businessman and politician
  • Svein Kristensen (born 1946), Norwegian civil servant, former Director of the Norwegian Tax Administration
  • Svein Longva (1943–2009), Norwegian economist and civil servant
  • Svein Ludvigsen (born 1946), Norwegian politician
  • Svein Lundevall (born 1944), Norwegian civil servant
  • Svein Munkejord (born 1948), Norwegian politician
  • Svein Olsen Øraker (1886–1963), Norwegian politician
  • Svein Harald Øygard (born 1960), Norwegian economist and head of the Central Bank of Iceland in 2009
  • Svein Rennemo (born 24 July 1947), Norwegian businessman and chair of Statoil
  • Svein Ole Sæther (born 1948), Norwegian diplomat
  • Svein Sundsbø (born 1943), Norwegian businessman and politician
  • Academics

  • Svein Bjerke (born 1938), Norwegian religious historian and professor emeritus at the University of Oslo
  • Svein Hatløy (1940–2015), Norwegian architect and professor
  • Svein B. Manum (born 1926), Norwegian botanist and professor
  • Svein Mønnesland (born 1943), Norwegian Slavist and professor
  • Athletes

  • Svein Engen (born 1953), Norwegian former biathlete
  • Svein Fjælberg (born 1959), Norwegian former footballer
  • Svein Grøndalen (born 1955), Norwegian retired footballer
  • Svein Haagensen (born 1939), Norwegian former ice hockey player
  • Svein Hansen (1943–2012), Norwegian ice hockey player
  • Svein Gaute Hølestøl (born 1971), Norwegian former cyclist
  • Svein Jacobsen, Norwegian orienteering competitor in the 1970s
  • Svein Morten Johansen (born 1971), Norwegian retired footballer
  • Svein Kvia (1947–2005), Norwegian footballer
  • Svein Langholm, Norwegian former cyclist who won the Norwegian National Road Race Championship in 1975
  • Svein Lilleberg (born 1958), Norwegian cross-country skier and Paralympic multi-gold medalist
  • Svein Mathisen (1952-2011), Norwegian footballer
  • Svein Enok Nørstebø (born 1972), Norwegian former ice hockey player
  • Svein Ivar Sigernes (born 1949), Norwegian former football player and coach
  • Svein Sigfusson (1912-1992), Canadian athlete and entrepreneur
  • Svein Thøgersen (born 1946), Norwegian rower and 1972 Olympic silver medalist
  • Svein Tuft (born 1977), Canadian cyclist
  • Svein Inge Valvik (born 1956), Norwegian retired discus thrower
  • Artists and entertainers

  • Svein Berge (born 1976), Norwegian electronic musician, half of the duo Röyksopp
  • Svein Olav Blindheim (born 1954), Norwegian jazz bass player, composer and writer
  • Svein Erik Brodal (born 1939), Norwegian actor, theatre director, poet, novelist and politician
  • Svein Christiansen (born 1941), Norwegian jazz drummer
  • Svein Finnerud (1945–2000), Norwegian jazz pianist, painter and graphic artist
  • Svein Sturla Hungnes (born 1946), Norwegian actor, theatre director and instructor
  • Svein Jarvoll (born 1946), Norwegian poet, novelist, short story writer, translator and essayist
  • Svein Dag Hauge (born 1956), Norwegian jazz guitarist and record producer
  • Svein Olav Herstad (born 1969), Norwegian jazz pianist
  • Svein Koningen (born 1946), Norwegian abstract expressionist painter
  • Svein Nyhus (born 1962), Norwegian illustrator and writer of children's books
  • Svein Øvergaard (1912-1986), Norwegian jazz musician and band leader and boxer
  • Svein Scharffenberg (born 1939), Norwegian actor and stage director
  • Svein Tindberg (born 1953), Norwegian actor
  • Other

  • Svein Blindheim (1916–2013), Norwegian military officer and member of the resistance during World War II
  • Svein Gjerdåker (born 1963), Norwegian newspaper editor
  • Svein Heglund (10 December 1918 – 18 June 1998), Norwegian engineer, World War II pilot and major general
  • Svein Johannessen (1937–2007), Norwegian chess player
  • Svein Døvle Larssen (1928–2015), Norwegian newspaper editor
  • Svein Rosseland (1894–1985), Norwegian astrophysicist
  • Svein Urdal (born 1941), Norwegian former chief of police and former Director of the Norwegian Police Surveillance Agency
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