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Suzan Najm Aldeen

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Suzan Aldeen

Suzan Najm Aldeen https2bpblogspotcomW4OoyXIKgcUjnYUtoKn2I

Seraj al-Atassi (m. ?–2014)

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BACKSTAGE - Akyumen featuring Suzan Najm Aldeen

Suzan Najm Aldeen (Arabic: سوزان نجم الدين‎‎) is a Syrian actress, whose memorable roles have earned her wide acclaim throughout the Arab world. After enrolling in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture Department in Damascus, she was offered the opportunity to become an actress. This, however, did not stop her from pursuing her studies and graduating as an architect. Starting out in 90s Syrian dramas, Najm Aldeen went on to star in several renowned Arab series and movies.


Suzan Najm Aldeen Suzan Najm El Deen Appears Thrice this Ramadan Al Bawaba


Suzan Najm Aldeen

The actress lived in her country with her parents, until she graduated, and then she went to Damascus (دمشق) to study architecture in the university. During that, she entered in the art society, that brought her being an actress, but that didn’t hinder to continue to study in the university to be an architect. In the 90s, Suzan became to play roles in the Syrian drama, first secondary, and then as a protagonist in lots of series. Her first interpretation was “Aldakhliah” ("الدخيلة"), with the important Syrian actor Jihad Saad (جهاد سعد).

Suzan Najm Aldeen Suzan Najm Addeen is the Most Famous Jordanian Spy Al

In the 1995 Suzan married a Syrian businessman, and with him, she had four kids: two boys and two girls. Having a family, she doesn’t make lots of acts, like all Syrians actors, but she passes her spare time with her kids. The artist owns a society named Sana (سنا), from the initials of her name: S, Suzan, N, Najm, A, Aldeen. Moreover, Suzan has an athletic centre called “The Champions” (تشامبيونز), situated in the Maza in Damascus.


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  • Aldakheelah ( الدخيلة)–Syria (سوريا)
  • Nihayat rajol shojaa – The end of a courageous man (نهاية رجل شجاع)–Syria (سوريا)
  • Alzhaher Baibars ( الظاهر بيبرس) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Khan alharir – The Silk market (خان الحرير) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Hanin (حنين) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Salah aldin (صلاح الدين) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Moluk altawaef – Communions’ kings (ملوك الطوائف) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Tuyoor alshawk – Birds of Thorns (طيور الشوك) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Forsat al'omr- Opportunity of a lifetime (فرصة العمر) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Zawj alsett– Lady's husband (زوج الست) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Ommahat - Mothers (أمهات) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Gibran Khalil Gibran (جبران خليل جبران)–Syria / Lebanon (لبنان / سوريا)
  • Noqtat Nizam- System's point (نقطة نظام)–Egypt (مصر)
  • Alharebah–The Escape (الهربة) - Syria (سوريا)
  • Farouk Omar
  • Series under preparation

  • Shoq (شوق)
  • Lately Suzan Najm Aldeen has signed her participation in the series "Shoq" as a leading role "Rose", a captive taken by ISIS based on a true story.The Role Najm Aldeen is playing focusses on a subject that is spotted by global public opinion, human rights and United Nations, as it will be reflecting their concern in relation to sex slaves taken by ISIS. Actor Bassem Yakhor plays next to her and the Serie is directed by Rasha Shorbatgi.


    Suzan’s society Sana’s Logo symbolize a square where is written the name of the society in Arabic language, and on the N (ن) of Sana (سنا), instead of the point, there’s a star, that underline the meaning of her surname, Najm Aldeen (نجم الدين), exactly “Star of religion”.


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