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Country  Poland
Area  65.24 km2
Founded  1690
Mayor  Czeslaw Renkiewicz
Population  69,527

Suwalki [su?vau?k?i is a town in northeastern Poland with 69,210 inhabitants (2011). The Czarna Hancza river flows through the town. It is the capital of Suwalki County and one of the most important centers of commerce in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. Until 1999 the town was the capital of Suwalki Voivodeship. Suwalki is located about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the southwestern Lithuanian border. The town gives its name to the Polish protected area known as Suwalki Landscape Park. Suwalki is the largest city and the capital of the historical Suwalki Region.


Map of Suwalki


The area of Suwalki had been populated by local Yotvingian and Prussian tribes since the early Middle Ages. However, with the arrival of the Teutonic Order to Yotvingia, their lands were conquered and remained largely depopulated in the following centuries.

Tourist attractions

  • Kosciuszko street with classicist architecture
  • Romantic 19th-century park
  • St. Alexanders Church
  • St. Peters and Pauls Church
  • Cemetery complex on Bakalarzewska street (Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim)
  • Municipal museum
  • Town Hall
  • Former gymnasium building
  • Museum and monument to Maria Konopnicka
  • 19th century brewery of Waclaw Kunc
  • Suwalki Plaza, a shopping mall and cinema complex that opened in 2010. The mall contains stores with various products such as groceries, books, clothing, shoes and accessories.
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