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Sustain Our Planet

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Sustain our planet by martin and the green guitar

Sustain Our Planet is a consulting firm that provides carbon calculation and carbon offset consulting to individuals, schools and businesses, focusing on education and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.



Sustain Our Planet was formed in 2007 to provide carbon calculation and offset consulting. The company’s carbon calculator allows individuals and businesses to identify their carbon footprint, track it over time and offset it to become carbon neutral.

In 2008, Sustain Our Planet expanded its product portfolio and formed its green consulting division to provide environmental services to businesses, energy providers, schools, and cities. The consulting division specializes in a variety of energy and sustainability assessments that determine the energy usage and carbon emissions generated as a result of current and future business activities.

Consulting services

Sustain Our Planet works with businesses to calculate, track, and reduce their carbon footprint.

In 2009 Sustain Our Planet launched its Carbon Impact Assessment which analyzes energy usage and the overall environmental impact of a client’s business operations. This includes the calculation and analysis of the business' carbon footprint that is broken down by energy use, business miles driven, and company air travel. The Carbon Impact Assessment is a comprehensive report that includes a detailed analysis and a list of recommendations on how a business might reduce its carbon footprint over time.

Green Schools Program

Sustain Our Planet's Green Schools Program is an online teaching resource for children and educators interested in learning and practicing techniques that help protect the planet. This downloadable teaching resource contains green lesson plans, environmentally themed experiments, and green classroom activities on the carbon cycle, saving energy, recycling, and endangered animals. All content compliments the National Standards set by the US Department of Education for Science, English and Art.


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