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Survar, Sarwar or Surwar (सूरवार) is a clan of Rajputs.



The Surwars are spread across the northern parts of India, mainly in Rajasthan, Eastern Uttar Pradesh (Benares, Mirzapur, Jaunpur), Western Bihar (Arrah, Patna) and Namudag, Palamu (Jharkhand). The Piania village of Bhojpur district alone has more than two thousand Rajputs. Many nearby villages such as Arrah, Bihar, are where people of this clan live.


Piania village elders claim that hundreds of years ago their ancestors migrated from Rajasthan. They mention that their ancestors were from a place called Surpur Belahri in Rajasthan. No place with this name is known.

Some sources mention that Surwar Rajputs were from Sarwar city, Ajmer District. A handbook on Rajputs written by A.H. Bingley was published in 1899, which mentions their original place of migration as Bikaner. Bingley also writes that Sarwar or Surwar rajput originally migrated from districts beyond Sarayu (Sarju) and Ghaghara (Gogra) to Rajasthan at some remote period, which could be the reason for calling themselves Sarwar.


Surwars mainly worship Lord Rama. They consider themselves as Surajbanshis (Suryavanshi Rajput). Their gotras are mainly Garg and Bharadwaj.


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