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Type of business  Private
Area served  Worldwide
Founded  2012 (2012)
Available in  English, Čeština, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Português Brasileiro, Русский, Slovenčina, Svenska
Headquarters  Hlinky 80, Brno Czech Republic
Founder(s)  Ondrej Coufalik, Martin Pavlicek

Survio is a modern online survey system for survey creation. Survio provides an effective solution for the preparation of questionnaires, data collection and analysis and sharing the results. Survio is a project of Czech creators from the city of Brno, which is also referred to as the Czech Silicon Valley.



Survio was established in 2012. The project was founded by Ondřej Coufalík and Martin Pavlíček. The inspiration came in 2008 when Martin who was lying ill in the hospital, had to fill out multiple paper forms. Both men, therefore, in 2008, founded the predecessor of Survio, a company named Global Business IT s. r. o. With the idea of the questionnaire system then started the development in the South Moravian innovation center.


Already in 2012 company Webnode invested, one and a half million Czech crowns (20 thousand USD) and acquired 35% stake of Survio. This investment started very rapid growth of the online inquiry project. From the very beginning of the project, users had 11 languages available. The start of the project proved to be very successful and at the end of the first year of operation Survio had 100 thousand users from 124 countries of the world.


Survio offers a very effective and simple way for the creation of custom questionnaires. To create questionnaire is possible independently or with the use of ready-made templates from different areas.

Surveys can be placed on your website or shared via social networks or email. There is also the possibility to distribute the questionnaire through a panel of respondents from all over the world. The service of automatic analysis of the acquired data is very convenient. Users get the statistical analysis results in tables and graphs. Results are possible to share e.g. in the workplace or with public.

In addition to the easy creation of questionnaires, the quality and clarity of outputs and the overall user-friendliness of Survio there is also a 24/7 user support available via e-mail. Survio and its features even inspire competition, such as SurveyMonkey.

For whom it is intended

Survio is designed especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The service is also suitable for all who need to prepare their own questionnaires: offices, schools, students, non-profit organizations, etc. However, more and more often is Survio chosen by large, international corporations. Very often is Survio used as a solution for various surveys among the end-customers including the measurement of customer satisfaction. Surveys aimed at staff and workplace environment are also frequently applied.


The basic version of the Survio is available for free. Survio also offers paid premium service. In the advanced menu, there are also specific types of questionnaires, such as, for example, NPS Net promoter score or 360 degree feedback.


Currently, Survio serves more than 1 million users from 170 countries. The system is very popular in Europe and Latin America. Survio users include a number of businesses, offices and schools including universities. The world's best-known clients include IBM, Tesco, FedEx, Bosch, Oriflame, BMW, Microsoft, Ford etc.


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