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Surface force

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Surface force denoted fs is the force that acts across an internal or external surface element in a material body. Surface force can be decomposed into two perpendicular components: pressure and stress forces. Pressure force acts normally over an area and stress force acts tangentially over an area.


Surface force due to pressure

f s = p A  

f = Force, p = pressure, A = cross sectional area of the moving fluid

Pressure related surface force

Pressure is in f o r c e a r e a = N m 2
Area is a ( l e n g t h ) ( w i d t h ) = m m = m 2

Given a pressure of 5 N m 2 = 5 P a and an area of 20 m 2 find the surface force due to pressure.

5 P a 20 m 2 = 100 N


Surface force Wikipedia

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