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Supreme Misanthropy

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Released  2001
Length  36:02
Supreme Misanthropy  Ocularis Infernum
Release date  2001
Genre  Black metal
Recorded  2000
Producer  Naahz, Yxmarder
Artist  Blodsrit
Label  Oaken Shield
Supreme Misanthropy https4bpblogspotcom0mWpcISzQ8kVxrRikBsv4I
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Blodsrit supreme misanthropy full album

Supreme Misanthropy is the first full-length album by Swedish Black Metal band Blodsrit. The album was the first of the Blodsrit band, and featured more death metal type music, but due to the vocals it was and still is today by many of its fans called black metal.



Supreme Misanthropy was created in 2001 by Blodsrit through Unexploded Records, this is the first album for Blodsrit, Blodsrit's desire for people to realize what the world and people are really like was strong so they decided to produce Supreme Misanthropy, but they also wanted to focus on their own religion as well.

Style and lyrics

Supreme Misanthropy is the first album by black metal band Blodsrit to feature Death metal type music followed by Black Metal vocals, it uses guitars played with Tremolo picking, blast beat drumming and shriek vocals, the album's lyrics focused on things such as blasphemy, death and mostly misanthropy. Mainly Blodsrits lyrics mostly focused on death and misanthropy, their lyrics sometimes focus on hatred, evil, and darkness.

Track listing

All tracks written by Naahz, Yxmarder.


1I Väntan på Död4:11
2Crossing Spheres of Fire3:50
3Vid Livets Slut4:37


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