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Supreme Military Council (Ghana)

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Supreme Military Council (Ghana)

The Supreme Military Council (SMC) was the ruling government of Ghana from October 9, 1975 to June 4, 1979. Its chairman was Colonel I.K. Acheampong. He was also the Head of state of Ghana due to his chairmanship.


SMC I and II

The period of the SMC can be divided into two eras. These are :

  • Acheampong era - SMC - 1 (October 9, 1975 - July 5, 1978)
  • Akuffo era - SMC 2 - (July 5, 1978 - June 4, 1979)
  • The SMC was overthrown by the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council on June 4, 1979. This was a bloody coup during which one of the SMC members, the Army Commander Major General Odartey-Wellington was killed.

    Members of the Acheampong government

    The council consisted of the Head of state and all service commanders of the Ghana Armed Forces. The head of the police was also included.

    The various commissioners were designated as members of the National Redemption Council as membership of the SMC was limited to the Head of State, the Inspector General of Police and the various military service commanders.

    Palace coup

    Following a bloodless palace coup on 5 July 1978, the SMC was reconstituted. General Acheeampng was forced to resign as head of state and placed under house arrest. This government remained in power until its overthrow eleven months later by the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council on 4 June 1979.

    Monday 4th June 1979


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