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Super Survivor

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Genre  Hard rock J-Rock
Language  Japanese
Length  35:04
Label  Lantis Records
Released  July 28, 2008 (2008-07-28)
Super Survivor (2008)  Yells It’s a Beautiful Life (2008)

Super Survivor is a licensed release by Jpop vocalist Hironobu Kageyama. It was released on July 28, 2008 in Japan only. It ranked 188 on Oricon's charts. Originally it was planned to be released on April 9 but it was pushed back for unknown reasons.


Album information

This album includes the theme songs from Dragon Ball Z video games Sparking Meteor (known outside Japan as Budokai Tenkaichi 3) and Burst Limit, "Super Survivor" and "Kiseki no Honō yo Moeagare!" respectively. This also features both the original Japanese and English versions which are retitled as "Finish'em Off" and "Fight It Out".

Track list

  1. Super Survivor
  2. 奇跡の炎よ燃えあがれ!
    Kiseki no Honō yo Moeagare!/Flare Up Miraculous Fire!
  3. 孤独の果てのLove&Peace!!
    Kodoku no Hate no Love & Peace!!/Love and Peace on the Edge of Loneliness
  4. 銀河の星屑
    Ginga no Hoshikuzu/Stardust in the Galaxy
  5. Finish'em Off(Super Survivor 英語版)
    Finish'em Off (Super Survivor Eigoban)/Finish'em Off (Super Survivor English Version)
  6. Fight it Out(奇跡の炎よ 燃え上がれ!! 英語版)
    Fight it Out ("Kiseki no Honō yo Moeagare!!" Eigoban)/Fight it Out (Flare Up, Miraculous Fire!! English Version)
  7. Super Survivor(日本語版カラオケ)
    Super Survivor (Nihongoban Karaoke)/Super Survivor (Japanese Version Karaoke)
  8. 奇跡の炎よ 燃え上がれ!!(日本語版カラオケ)
    Kiseki no Honō yo Moeagare!!/(Nihongoban Karaoke)/Flare Up, Miraculous Fire!! (Japanese Version Karaoke)


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