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Super Siblings

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Author(s)  Patrick Scullin
Rating(s)  G
Launch date  May 1, 2008
Website  http://www.supersiblingscomics.com/
Current status / schedule  Updates Mondays & other random days
Genre(s)  General humor, Science Fiction, Fantasy

The shell of fashion super siblings

Super Siblings is a family-friendly webcomic and comic book series for geeks with kids. Written and illustrated by Patrick Scullin, this comic follows the adventures of the Clark family. The Clark children have super powers. 12-year-old Conrad, a.k.a. Scout, uses his powers for good while his 10-year-old sister Courtney, a.k.a. Banshee, uses hers for bad. What’s more, hidden in plain sight, their secret identities remain intact. This fact gives new meaning to the phrase "sibling rivalry" because more than just rivals at home, Conrad and Courtney have unwittingly become archenemies in public.


Super Siblings was originally conceived as a pitch for an animated series before taking shape as the online/print series that it is now. The print version of the strip is aimed at kids with its focus on the action & adventure while the online version with its geek humor and in-jokes is aimed at adult readers. The weekly comic strip features geek dad James and perfect mom Donna in a slice of life satire on their family. Totally ordinary themselves, neither parent suspects that their children have super powers. The quarterly comic book features longer stories dedicated to the adventures of Scout and Banshee.

In December 2009, Super Siblings was invited to become part of an exhibit of Webcomics Imitating Art by the Dallas Art News for which Scullin contributed a take on "Edvard Munch"'s "The Scream".

Bean boozled challenge super siblings


Conrad Clark - Boy Hero, The Scout Super powered goody two-shoes. Conrad does what he’s told, is a model student that secretly defends Bay City as its boy hero the Scout. Still a kid, Conrad is naive and a bit clumsy but always ready to uphold right and wrong even when it means arguing with his kid sister Courtney.

Courtney Clark - Evil Phantom, The Banshee Super powered bad girl. Courtney is brilliant, talented and always looking out for number one. Using her powers, she secretly plagues Bay City as its perky pint-sized phantom, the Banshee. Courtney does her best to get what she wants at the expense of others, especially her know-it-all older brother Conrad.

James Clark - Geek Dad Thirty-something dad with absolutely no super abilities. James is a responsible husband and father but still a kid at heart. He is addicted to technology and loves science fiction and comic books. He looks for the humor in family life and thinks his kids are super but doesn’t suspect that they are "super" powered.

Donna Clark - Perfect Mom Pretty, intelligent and dedicated mom with absolutely no super abilities. Donna is an attentive wife and mother that to a fault, looks for the best in everyone. She cares for her children including her biggest kid James. Always ready with a kiss and a smile she thinks her kids are super but doesn’t suspect that they are "super" powered.

Phineas Clark - Retired Hero, the Captain Vintage hero and defender of life and liberty. Phineas is Conrad and Courtney’s grandpa. He is bright and dedicated but a bit absent minded. Having never revealed his secret identity, his family assumes he’s nothing more than your average doting grandfather. Strong but showing his age, he’s started to lose his super hearing and requires a super hearing aid. Ironically after years of marriage to Delilah, he has never suspected that she is actually his arch nemesis the Wraith. Considering the abilities of his grand kids, it seems super powers skip a generation.

Delilah Clark - Resigned Rogue, the Wraith Vintage villainess and queen of crime. Delilah is Conrad and Courtney’s grandma. She is proud, devoted and has very high expectations. Having never revealed her secret identity, her family assumes she’s nothing more than your average doting grandmother. Even though she’s a retired diabolical diva she’s apt to use her seductive powers of mind-control, especially when indulging her grandchildren. Ironically after years of marriage to Phineas, she has never suspected that he is actually her archenemy the Captain. Considering the abilities of her grand kids, it seems super powers skip a generation.


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