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Sulphur Spring Range

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Peak  unnamed peak
Area  1,171 kmĀ²
District  Elko County, Nevada
Elevation  8,373 ft (2,552 m)
Country  United States of America
District  Eureka County, Nevada
Length  42 mi (68 km) North-South
Width  21 mi (34 km) East-West
Counties  Eureka County and Elko County

The Sulphur Spring Range is a mountain range located in east-central Nevada in the United States. The mountains are found mostly in Eureka County northeast of the Roberts Mountains and west of the Diamond Valley and Diamond Mountains. The range lies in a north-south direction, and reaches an elevation of 7,686 feet (2,343 m) at Bald Mountain. The range crosses into Elko County at the northeastern end.

Map of Sulphur Spring Range, Nevada 89822, USA

The Bureau of Land Management manages 80.7% of the Sulphur Spring Range, and 19.3% is privately held. Mammals found in the range include: the long-tailed vole, Great Basin pocket mouse, and the deer mouse. The golden eagle and Mojave Desert sidewinder can also be found in the mountains.

Trees found in the range include: Utah juniper (Juniperus osteosperma), and single-leaf pinyon (Pinus monophylla).


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