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Sulfur trifluoride

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Sulfur trifluoride is an inorganic chemical compound composed of one atom of sulfur and three atoms of fluorine. It has the chemical formula SF3, and is 64% fluorine and 36% sulfur by mass. Sulfur trifluoride is not a stable molecule: it has an unpaired electron and is thus a radical. While some radicals are stable, SF3 is not.



Sulfur trifluoride is composed of one sulfur atom with three fluorine atoms surrounding it. Each fluorine is attached to the sulfur by a single covalent bond. The SF3 molecule is very short-lived and its structure has not been determined experimentally. It is calculated to adopt a butterfly-shaped molecular geometry, belonging to the Cs point group.


SF3 is known as a ligand in the compound (Et3P)2Ir(CO)(Cl)(F)(SF3). Ir(CO)3(SF3) is also possibly stable. But other third row transition elements do not make stable complexes with SF3, instead they dissociate SF2 and form a -F complex instead.


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