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Sulang Kirilli

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Director  Inoka Sathyangani
Genre  Drama
Writer  Inoka Sathyangani
Language  Sinhala
4/10 IMDb

Produced by  Inoka Sathyangani
Country  Sri Lanka
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Release date  2002
Cast  Damitha Abeyratne, Linton Semage
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Sulang Kirilli (The Wind Bird), (Sinhalese: සුලං කිරිල්ලී) is a 2002 Sinhalese language feature film directed and produced by Inoka Sathyangani. It stars Linton Semage and Damitha Abeyratne in lead roles along with Jayani Senanayake and Leonie Kotalawela. Music composed by Navaratne Gamage. It is the 1018th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.



Rathi (Damitha) is a young girl from a remote village, working in a suburban garment factory. She befriends a young soldier Shantha (Linton) and falls in love. They start enjoying each other’s youthful warmth quite freely.

But one fine day Rathie realizes she has conceived with a child (Pramudi). Grappling with this unexpected new realization, she gets carried away in to a world of her own. A Simple and beautiful dream that any young woman would want to build for her with a marriage and a family life. Thus an unspoiled girl from a rural village, she is very stiff and independent to live alone in her own way in a small room in the city.

While she immerses herself quite happily in this elusive world, she jerks herself out of dreams when she gets to know he is a married man. Her world then starts drifting between the two extremes of her dreams and reality. She finds herself enjoying life in the dream world but reality drags her out of it. In the real world she is debarred from bringing up an illegal child without a father by the civil law of the country while depriving her of aborting the pregnancy by the penal code, which considers abortions as a severe criminal offence. A young girl caught in this dilemma condemned by society, is the dream world her only retreat?

A cinematic voyage of two hours between dreams and reality, permit the audience to realize the difference between awakening life through dreams and pushing life to sleep within reality. This provokes a discussion on social realities that one does not encounter openly in society.


  • Damitha Abeyratne as Rathi
  • Linton Semage as Shanta
  • Jayani Senanayake as Violet
  • Leonie Kotalawela
  • Buddadasa Vithanarachchi
  • Rada De Silva as Consultant
  • Grace Ariyavimal as Mother
  • Bandula Vithanage as Doctor
  • Senaka Wijesinghe as Shantha's friend
  • Pramudi Karunaratne as Rathi's daughter
  • Seetha Kumari as Wife's mother
  • D. B. Gangodathanna as Rathi's father
  • Sanet Dikkumbura as Beggar
  • Awards

  • OCIC Award by International Catholic Bureau of Films - Best Film
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