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Suining Middle school

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Province  Sichuan
Address  Yangliu Rd, Chuanshan Qu, Suining Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China
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The history of Suining Middle School (遂宁 中学校 suì-nìng zhōng-xué-xiào) in Suining, Sichuan, China, can be traced back to 1908. At that time, there was a missionary, Miss Anna Lindblad, working at a church as well as the church’s day school owned by Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1910, Miss Helen R. Galloway was sent to Suining to erect the building for the new boarding school. A land about 7-1/3 acres outside the North Gate of Suining was purchased.


In February, 1913, Miss Gertrude Tyler gathered about a dozen girls into some old buildings behind the church in Suining and they opened the first boarding school. In July the school moved into the new dormitory building. Next year in 1914, the Administration Building was erected. The school was known officially as the "Stevens Memorial Suining Girls Boarding School", but was often called locally the Suining Higher Primary Girls School.


The Stevens Memorial Suining Girls Boarding School expanded having the Sunday School (1916), Woman's School (1918), Junior Middle School (1925), Senior Middle School (1927), and Kindergarten (1928). In 1925, the 2nd two-floor Dormitory Building was built. The first floor contained a dining room that seated nearly 200 (named as Shoemaker Memorial dining room), a kitchen and four bedrooms.

The second floor had twelve bedrooms and an infirmary. The chapel had seats for about 150 people. There was a science room, library, gymnasium, superintendent’s office and dining room.


Missionaries working for the school since it was opened in February 1913: Helen R. Galloway, 1911 - 1918 Anna Lindblad, 1908 - Gertrude Tyler, 1911 - Mary R. Royer, 1914 - Clara A. Caris, 1916 - Belle Castle, 1916 - Helen Desjardins, 1921 - Charlotte Trotter, 1921 - Ida Keister, 1925 - Mrs. Roger Rahn, 1925 - Miss Pilcher Miss Lawrence Maud Parsons, 1935 - Clara French, 1940 - Laura Schleman, 1940 - Luella Koether, 1943 - 1950 Janet Surdam, 1943–1950


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