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Sudipto Sen

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Years active  1993–present
Name  Sudipto Sen
Ethnicity  Bengali, North Eastern India
Occupation  Writer, Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Parent(s)  Dilip Kumar Sen Dora Sen

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Sudipto Sen is an Indian filmmaker & writer,director, born in jalpaiguri 1967. He is better known for his film THE LAST MONK. This movie celebrated its World Premiere at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival selection in FOCUS.


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The idea that a young boy from the rural area of northeastern India and a tiny Himalayan hamlet, Jalpaiguri, could become a filmmaker took root in Sudipto just after finishing his final school exam. It was a bizarre dream considering his background, yet one he felt with every breath.

Studying Physics in the beginning, Applied Psychology in the middle and then Film school...allowed him to learn and infuse courage for “making of cinema”. It also taught him how to tell a story and use of the camera as a pen.

His documentary work raised to national acclaim on his experimental documentary film THE OTHER WEALTH (TOW). “It was my personal journey to a land, which had been taken over by land mafias in the vicinities of Calcutta.” TOW earned Sudipto first tests of acclaim and awards as a Filmmaking. It was at this point that his life took a major turn. Selected in several international film festivals, TOW and Sudipto received over-night success.

Shortly thereafter he signed a long-term contract with THE WORLD BANK films based on their activities in Southeast Asia. Sudipto, who was a traveler at heart, got opportunity to travel more than 176,000-Km to the remotest corners of this part of the world. He notes this time as the most remarkable phase of his life.

1997 to 2003 marked his busiest time as a filmmaker but he soon grew restless and sought to make his first independent feature film in the year 2006, THE LAST MONK. This decision led to numerous awards, international film festival appearances and greater opportunity. THE LAST MONK celebrated its World Premiere at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival selection in FOCUS: INDIA section. Thereafter screened at over 25 film festivals around the world, winning numerous awards.

Sudipto’s another work AKHNOOR (A French Co Production) which won the BEST FILM AWARD at the Golden Gate Film Festival, the INTEGRATED REALIZATION AWARD at Brussels International Film Festival, SPECIAL JURY AWARD at the San Francisco Film Festival and SPECIAL CIVILIAN AWARD from the Belgium Government among others. CORENTIN’S QUEST (French Co Production) and ANTHIPONNOVETTAM (Malayalam feature film) also mark as his recent works.

Sudipto just finished an independent Hindi feature film AASMA and LUCKNOW TIMES.


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