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In zoological nomenclature, a subphylum is a taxonomic rank below the rank of phylum.


The taxonomic rank of "subdivision" in fungi and plant taxonomy is equivalent to "subphylum" in zoological taxonomy.

Taxonomic rank

Subphylum is:

  1. subordinate to the phylum
  2. superordinate to the infraphylum.

Where convenient, subphyla in turn may be divided into infraphyla; in turn such an infraphylum also would be superordinate to any classes or superclasses in the hierarchy.


Not all fauna phyla are divided into subphyla. Those that are include:

  • Arthropoda: divided into subphyla Trilobitomorpha, Chelicerata, Myriapoda, Hexapoda and Crustacea,
  • Brachiopoda: divided into subphyla Linguliformea, Craniformea and Rhynchonelliformea,
  • Chordata: divided into Tunicata, Cephalochordata, and its largest subphylum Vertebrata.
  • Examples of infraphyla include the Mycetozoa and the Gnathostomata.


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