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Haymarket (UK)


Technology Magazine, Gadget Mag

Total circulation(Jan-Dec 2014)
70,325 (UK)Print and digital editions.

Year founded
November 1996 (UK)1999 (US)

Stuff is a British men's magazine featuring reviews of consumer electronics and previews of future technology. International editions such as previously published in the United States include other articles of interest to a predominantly male audience.



Stuff was first published in Britain in November 1996 by Dennis Publishing. A bi-monthly title, it followed the success of magazines such as FHM and Loaded in being pitched toward a young, male audience, with a focus on consumer goods and electronics. Facing declining circulation, its focus became more lifestyle orientated in 1998, before Dennis announced ceasement of publication in December that year. Rival publishing group Haymarket bought the title in January 1999, taking over publication from the issue dated February 1999 and refocusing the magazine to consumer electronics. Dennis retained publication rights to the title in the Americas, launching a US edition of the magazine based on a technology section originating in its other popular men's title, Maxim, in the same year, whilst Haymarket took ownership of the Stuff brand in all other territories.

In June 2007, private equity firm Quadrangle Group acquired Dennis Publishing's US arm, for $240 million. Later that year it announced that Stuff would cease publication as an independent title, returning to its origins as a regular section within Maxim, as of the latter title's November 2007 issue.

UK edition

The UK version of the magazine has been published by Haymarket Media Group Ltd since February 1999, and is focused mainly on consumer electronics, gadgetry and lifestyle products, such as iPods, mobile telephones, computers, audio-visual equipment and other innovative goods of interest to a predominantly male audience. Stuff often has a scantily clad woman on the cover (with a few further photos of her inside the magazine), posing with the product(s) covered in that edition's main feature. There are multiple in-depth features, such as product reviews of laptops, digital audio (MP3) players, technology editorials, digital cameras as well as advertising. Regular features include an "adrenaline junkie" article, and speculative pages about upcoming technology, such as the "rumour mill" and the "Next big thing?" on the last page.

"Hot Stuff" is the news section that features new or unreleased products. Top 10s of currently available items are featured toward the back of the magazine. These include products portable media players, phones, computers, laptops, digital cameras, televisions, video recorders, hi-fi, home cinema, gaming, home and sports. There are dedicated pages for opinions and readers' mail and a "My gadget life" column in towards the front of the magazine that features an interview with a well known person about the technology that helps them.

Like the vast majority of the men's magazine market in the UK, Stuff magazine's circulation is in decline. Where it used to outsell rival T3 2:1, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation's figures, it barely sells a third more, while its website, Stuff.tv, is ranked 4,014 in the UK in Alexa.com's page rankings.

The magazine has undergone a number of redesigns during its lifetime, most recently for the June 2013 edition.

In July 2014, the magazine announced that it would no longer be using photographs of female models on the front cover of the magazine, saying that readers now feel less comfortable buying the magazine and that the era of "lads' mags" was over.

US edition

The US edition of Stuff was launched in 1999 by Dennis Publishing, Inc., the US arm of British publishing group Dennis Publishing. Spun off from a regular section in another of the group's titles, Maxim, Stuff's US edition featured reviews of consumer electronics alongside other articles of interest to a predominantly male audience. In June 2007, all but one of Dennis's US titles were sold to private equity firm Quadrangle Group, who closed the magazine later the same year.

Malaysia edition

Founded in 2004, Stuff Magazine Malaysia is one of the country's leading and best-selling consumer electronics, technology and lifestyle magazines. It is Published by Catcha Lifestyle Publications Sdn. Bhd.

Singapore edition

Stuff magazine has been locally published in Singapore since 2004. The magazine gained recognition and established itself as a leading name in the consumer electronics and tech lifestyle segment in Singapore. Its website launched in December 2013. The magazine was also relaunched and published by content owner Haymarket Media Group.

Indian edition

Stuff India, the Indian edition of Stuff, launched on 1 December 2008 with a cover price of Rs. 100 ($2). The magazine launched with a print run of 40,000 copies. Stuff India is edited by Nishant Padhiar, formerly the editor of T3 and consultant editor on AV MAX.

South African edition

Stuff South Africa was published under license by Times Media between 2007 and December 2012. In November 2012 the publishers announced that the licence had not been renewed, but that a new publishing venture would continue the title. Circulation has been recorded at 25,811.

Mexican edition

Stuff México was published under license by Grupo Medios starting June 2012. The magazine launched with a print run of 50,000 copies. Stuff México is no longer edited since 2015.


The producers of the UK version of the magazine also produce weekly podcasts. The content includes similar but more up to date content as the magazine. These are usually around 25–30 minutes in length and feature news about technology, the podline (where listeners questions are answered), reviews and comparisons of gadgets and an instant expert feature about selected subjects.

The podcast is free and is available from iTunes or can be downloaded from their website where older episodes are archived. Creative Zen owners can use the ZenCast organiser.

There has not been a podcast since February 2011.


Stuff.tv is Stuff magazine's website, where short videos are uploaded to be played by visitors. The first episode is "Tested to Destruction" and is a death match between the iPod nano and a Sansa e250.

New videos are available each Friday and special ones are uploaded to cover events such as the launch of a new product or the Consumer Electronics Show.


The website for Stuff was relaunched in November 2006. New features such as the weekly videocast, blogs, reviews and galleries are included in the site as well as the news, forums, podcasts and videos from the older sites.


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