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Store Heddinge

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Country  Denmark
Area  250.2 km²
Local time  Tuesday 7:35 PM
Region  Zealand (Sjælland)
Population  3,362 (2015)
Municipality  Stevns Municipality
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Time zone  Central Europe Time (UTC+1)
Weather  11°C, Wind W at 8 km/h, 69% Humidity
Points of interest  Stevns Klint, Gjorslev, Stevns Museum

Store Heddinge is a Danish town in Region Sjælland. It is the administrative seat of Stevns Municipality, and has a population of 3,362 (1 January 2015).


Map of 4660 Store Heddinge, Denmark

Milit rparade i store heddinge 1938 39


The town is situated in the eastern side of Denmark, on the Stevns Peninsula.


The town came into existence during the 13th century, and Saint Katharina Church (Sct. Katharina kirke) is also from that time. The town received privileged status as a merchant town in 1441. A Latin preparatory school was founded in the town in 1620, but was closed down in 1739.

The assembly house (Danish, tinghuset) in Store Heddinge was built around 1838 on the newly built Nytorv plaza as a combination town hall, assembly hall, and jail. It was built by architect Jørgen Hansen Koch, who was Director for the Royal Danish Academy of Art (Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi).

The water tower is from 1912 and is made of limestone, from nearby Stevns Klint, and red brick.


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