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Stone (2012 film)

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Director  Vyacheslav Kaminsky
Country  Russia
6/10 IMDb

Language  Russian
Stone (2012 film) movie poster
Release date  January 19, 2012 (2012-01-19) (Russia)

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Stone (Russian: Камень, translit. Kamen' ) is a 2012 Russian dramatic thriller directed by Vyacheslav Kaminsky (In English-speaking countries it was released as Orphan). It is based on the 2009 novel Do not live (Russian: Не жить, translit. Ne zhit' ) by Yurii Brigadir.


Stone (2012 film) movie scenes

The film was released in January 19, 2012 in the International premier, but was pre-screened in mid-December 2011 in some movie theaters in Russia. The film was Released on DVD In February 16, 2012.

Stone (2012 film) movie scenes

When a well-known businessman's 7-year-old son is kidnapped, it turns out that the mysterious kidnapper does not need any ransom, and his demand to the father is to commit suicide. For the next day he must decide who will die of the two: his child or himself...

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The film begins with the murder of an old man on the scene boatyard nail. Then 7 years old boy named Kolya is kidnapped and revealed to be the son of the businessman Vlad Gireyev . The Kidnapper later called the father, and confronts him with a choice: Either Gireyev kill himself or the kidnapper will kill the son.

At all given day, up to 6 pm. The Kidnapper drove Kolya in a rented house on the lake in the suburbs, and keeps him there in a closed room with no windows. He maltreated the child, but not to mock, not hits, not starving, takes to the air on the first request, takes with him a trip permit to play computer games, gives tips for survival alone, teaches how to makes fire and shoot (the gun was not loaded), and then gives him a souvenir cartridge. He demands Kolya to call him "Kamen" (stone). Stone seems to others, though gloomy, but polite rich man. With the neighbor, which in the past was the headmistress of Orphanage, he often plays chess. Once he starts a conversation with her about her former pupils, in which a woman unflattering comments about orphans in general.

Vlad decided not to shoot and hires a professional special expert for staging suicide. Stone on the phone puts pressure on Vlad's wife, urging her husband to kill himself in order to save their son. And she almost does it, but at the last moment throws the gun. Vlad can not figure out where he went so hard road kidnappers.

Through flashbacks it turns out that Stone and Vlad grew up together in the same orphanage where they were mistreated by the headmistress and The Physical Education Guider. Once Vlad stolen from a warehouse condensed milk, and the Stone is not passed it. Then Vlad persuades the boy to steal a folder with their personal affairs and to escape from the orphanage (Vlad hopes that it will take a grandmother who for whatever reason do not unmentioned issued guardianship over him at the time). On the way, Vlad says Stone that when he grows up, he will set their own rules, and no one will give them orders. But destroying folders chores, Vlad suddenly throwing stones, claiming that his grandmother will not take the two of them. Stone wanted for theft cases - and he could crawl under the window in the archive. In parting, he hands him his nail, which was used as a weapon of self-defense. Realizing that in the orphanage he was severely punished, and hope for the adoption burned together with the case (and before escaping he went up for adoption), Stone tried to cut his throat with a nail. But he is caught and returned to the orphanage, where the Headmistress and the Physical Education Guider tortured the boy under running cold and hot water.

Vlad, using expensive equipment tracking, trying to track down Stone during telephone conversations, but Stone cleverly encrypted. Finally, Vlad is possible to achieve a personal meeting at a large parking lot where Stone secretly penetrate into his car. When Vlad requires explanation, Stone puts in front of him on the seat of a nail and leaves. Vlad understands. Stone visited by a neighbor, who was headmistress of his orphanage (she does not recognize Stone) and kills her. It becomes clear that the dead man in the beginning of the movie was a former Physical Education Guider. At the appointed hour, Vlad goes to the square to stage a suicide, but under the pressure of conscience shoots himself out of the gun. Even before the death of Vlad Stone releases Kolya, dropped him off on the road near the house. However, Stone does not feel the moral satisfaction from the death of Vlad - childhood's desire to avenge the betrayal eventually turned to Stone in the meaning of life, which is now simply gone. After some time Stone, not feeling the desire to live, and shoot himself too.

In the last scene on the river banks Kolya digs patron, who gave him a stone. When his mother asked what he was doing, the boy replied: "I collect stones,", in one scene, Stone, explaining the reason for revenging in Vlad, he says: "It's time to collect stones."


  • Sergei Svetlakov - Pëtr Naĭdenov "Stone" (Kamen)
  • Olesya Sudzilovskaya - Natalia Giryeeva, Kolya's mother
  • Nikolai Kozak - Vladimir "Vlad" Giryeev, Kolya's father
  • Alexander Kolesnikov - Kolya Giryeev
  • Valda Bichkute - Valya
  • Yelena Koreneva - Kira
  • Sergei Nasibov - Milevich
  • Vyacheslav Harhota - Police Major
  • Semyon Okonochnikov - Derbent
  • Roman Volodkin - Lennon
  • Pavel Ash - Technician
  • Maria Kozlova - Kira in his youth
  • Constantine Glushkov - Fizruk
  • Arseni Zaitsev - Pyoter as a child
  • Dennis Tumashev - Vladimir as a child
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