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Founder  Musika Stodart
Motto  We serve to our best
Key person  Musika Stodart
Headquarters  Kampala, Uganda
Founded  2006
Number of employees  205
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Industry  corporate investigation risk consulting
Key people  Stodart Musika, CEO Stodart, Magalita Sali, General Counsel Mani, Chairman

Stodacom Africa is a corporate investigations and risk consultancy firm based in Kampala, Uganda "working from around 23 African countries direct." Stodacom was established in 1999 and started work in 2006, headquartered in Kampala Uganda East Africa.



Stodacom Africa was founded in 1999 by Stodart Musika while a student of Statistics at Marerere University Uganda. It started as a corporate investigations firm. The company was then operating in Kampala business area , during that time the company was only offering specific services in pre employment screening and insurance claims investigations . Stodacom only worked on international clients from outside Uganda later in 2006, the company has since evolved to be the best research and investigations firm on the African continent .

Geographic locations

Stodacom is headquartered in Kampala, and with offices in Lagos, Kinshasa, Kigali, Lusaka, Cairo, Algiers, Pretoria, and Accra. The Kampala office serves as the headquarters for Stodacom's operations in East Africa, and Cairo offices serves as regional offices for Egypt, Cairo, Lagos offices oversee operations in west African countries. Stodacom's South Africa's operations are carried out by offices in Kampala, Pretoria, and Lagos. Stodacom Africa operates directly from more than 26 African countries.

Core services

Stodacom's core activities and services offered include:

1. Fraud Investigations in Africa

2. Political Risk Analysis in Africa

3. Due Diligence Services in Africa

4. Background Checks in Africa


Stodacom Africa is one of the largest independent research and investigations firm doing research and general investigations in Africa. The company has interests in over 26 African countries and focuses on four regions: East Africa, West Africa, South Africa and North Africa. The company has works directly from four continents and other developing countries, known ones include Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt..In 2011 October Stodacom was known to be the best professional firm in core due diligence and political risk analysts in Africa, this made the company acquire big contracts with USA, China, United Kingdom and French based fortune companies.January 2013 the company rolled out operations in all African countries with four regional offices coordinating its operation on the continent.


Stodacom is managed by a Ugandan researcher and businessman Mr.Stodart Musika, the founder of the company who has been at the company helm for more than ten years now. Stodacom is believed to be employing top experts in risk management, sociologists, physiologists, economists and legal persons in Africa, the company has the best computer forensics laboratory in the region based in Mbarara western Uganda.


1. Mr. Musika Stodart Company Director

2. Miss Magrate Sali Company Finance officer

3. Mrs. Moreen Katushabe Company regional monitoring Director

4. Mr. Mbahunde George Company Research and Investigations Director


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