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Still huggin a nut

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“Still Huggin a Nut” (S.H.A.N) is a song released on April 8, 2016 by Hip Hop artist KRS-One in response to MC Shan’s 3 minute freestyle aimed at KRS-One the day prior. “S.H.A.N.” is produced by MK-Zoo.



In 1986, MC Shan released a song called “The Bridge”, in which he stated how Queensbridge was a monument for Hip Hop over any other place. KRS-One did not agree with that and released the song “South Bronx” in response. These two songs started what is now known as The Bridge Wars. Not only did KRS-One believe he won this battle, the consensus of the fans also believed that KRS-One and his group, BDP, had won.

In 2016, with the release of MC Shan’s 3 minute freestyle, the beef from 30 years prior was reignited. In the interview, in which he released his 3-minute freestyle, MC Shan stated “I’m not going to do it on the strength of oh I got something to prove, yall gonna pay me! “. With this being said some might think MC Shan might be bringing this back up as a power play, looking to gain money or fame once again. Others may think of this as a classic rap battle making its second wind. Either way this has brought both of their names back into the headlines. After the song “S.H.A.N." was released, MC Shan came back with the song “Revenge of the Walking Dead” and KRS-One with the song “Take Em Out”.


Regarding MC Shan’s statement about making money of the battle this time around KRS-One raps:

Referencing one of his diss tracks towards MC Shan, “The Bridge is Over”, KRS-One mentions another rapper from Queensbridge who came to fame almost a decade after his and MC Shan’s beef, Nas.

KRS-One preemptively strikes, saying that MC Shan can only win if he copies him and flips his name to Shan-Won.

At the end of the song KRS-One brings up the subject of how it has been 30 years since their beef originated.


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