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Stiklestad Church

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Location  Verdal, Nord-Trøndelag
Denomination  Church of Norway
Functional status  Active
Capacity  520
Diocese  Diocese of Nidaros
Country  Norway
Churchmanship  Evangelical Lutheran
Opened  1180
Status  Parish church
Parish  Stiklestad
Stiklestad Church
Architect(s)  Archbishop Øystein Erlendsson
Address  Leksdalsvegen 2, 7650 Verdal, Norway
Burials  Nicolai Christian Reichwein
Similar  Alstadhaug Church, Vuku Church, Vinne Church, Levanger Church, Mære Church

Stiklestad Church (Norwegian: Stiklestad kirke) is a parish church in the municipality of Verdal in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located in the village of Stiklestad. The church is part of the Stiklestad parish in the Sør-Innherad deanery in the Diocese of Nidaros. The stone church building was completed in 1180. It was designed by Archbishop Øystein Erlendsson and it seats about 520 people.


The church was built at the site of the Battle of Stiklestad. During the battle, St. Olaf received three severe wounds—in the knee, in the neck, and the final mortal blow through the heart—and died leaning against a large stone. The church building is assumed to have been erected on the exact spot where St. Olaf was killed during that battle and that stone is supposedly still inside the altar of the church.

The Stiklestad Church is the namesake of the Stiklestad United Lutheran Church in Minnesota, United States, established by Norwegian emigrants in 1897.


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