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Stickybear is a fictional character created by Richard Hefter and an edutainment series starring the character headed by Optimum Resource, Inc. The character was a mascot of Weekly Reader Software, a division of Xerox Education Publications.


Software of the series has been released since the early 1980s; software programs originated on the Apple II platform and were released for IBM PC, Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64 platforms.

As of 2008 the most recent Sticky Bear software was developed for Windows XP/Windows Vista and Mac OS X.

Books with Stickybear

  • Babysitter Bears (1983)
  • Bears at Work (1983)
  • Lots of Little Bears: A Stickybear Counting Book (1983)
  • Stickybear Watch Out: The Stickybear Book of Safety (1983)
  • Stickybear Book of Weather (1983)
  • Where is the Bear? (1983)
  • Stickybears Scary Night (1984)
  • Software with Stickybear

  • Stickybear Alphabet (IBM-PC, Apple II) (Some versions included the book The Strawberry Look Book)
  • Stickybear Numbers
  • Stickybear Bop
  • Stickybear Math (Commodore 64, IBM-PC, Apple II)
  • Stickybear Math 2 (IBM-PC)
  • Stickybear Opposites (IBM-PC)
  • Stickybear Reading (Commodore 64, IBM-PC)
  • Stickybear Early Learning Activities (Windows, Apple Macintosh Classic, Windows XP/Windows Vista, Mac OS X
  • Stickybear Kindergarten Activities
  • Stickybear Math 1 Deluxe (Windows XP/Windows Vista, Mac OS X)
  • Stickybear Spellgrabber (Commodore 64, Mac OS 7)
  • Stickybear Typing (Commodore 64, IBM-PC)
  • Stickybear's Reading Room (Mac OS 7)
  • Reception

    II Computing listed Stickybear tenth on the magazine's list of top Apple II education software as of late 1985, based on sales and market-share data.

    Peter Mucha of the Houston Chronicle gave reviews to IBM versions of Stickybear in 1990; Stickybear Opposites received a B-, Stickybear Math received a B, Stickybear Math 2 received a B, Stickybear Alphabet received an A-, and Stickybear Reading received a C.

    The New Talking StickyBear Alphabet won the Best Early Education Program 1989 Excellence in Software Award from the Software and Information Industry Association.

    Leslie Eiser of Compute! magazine said in a 1992 review that StickyBear Town Builder was dated compared to other games of its time.

    Computer Gaming World in 1993 said of Stickybear's Early Learning Activities, "In the world of early learning software, it's difficult to find anyone who does it better."


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