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Stewie Is Enceinte

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Episode no.  Season 13 Episode 12
Written by  Gary Janetti
Directed by  Steve Robertson
Original air date  March 8, 2015 (2015-03-08)

"Stewie Is Enceinte" is the twelfth episode of the thirteenth season of the animated sitcom Family Guy, and the 243rd episode overall. It aired on Fox in the United States on March 8, 2015, and is written by Gary Janetti and directed by Steve Robertson.


In the episode, Stewie impregnates himself with Brian's DNA in the belief that a baby will save their relationship. They end up with a litter of dog-human hybrid babies who prove challenging to raise due to their birth defects. Meanwhile, Peter and his friends try to make a hit viral video.


When Stewie wants to hang out with Brian, he is rejected. He feels that his and Brian's friendship is drifting apart, so after he sees that Joe and Bonnie have become closer since the birth of their daughter Susie, he decides that the way for them to bond again is to have their own baby. He takes a sample of Brian's DNA that he acquired and injects it into himself using a special machine. He shares the news with Brian, who is disgusted, and encourages Stewie to get an abortion. When Stewie ignores him, he tries to punch him to induce one. As time passes, Stewie goes through the stages of pregnancy and has Brian take him to the doctor for prenatal care, clothes shopping at Baby Stop, and photographs of his pregnancy. At a fast food restaurant, Stewie's water breaks and he and Brian try to get to a midwife, but it is too late and Brian must deliver the baby in his car. Unexpectedly, it is not one baby, but an entire litter of Stewie-Brian hybrids coming out every orifice in Stewie's body with the birth causing a mess in Brian's car.

Raising their seven offspring, Stewie encourages Brian to have a second try at parenthood after failing previously with Dylan. When taking their children to the park, they find that they are defective after one of them seemingly melts in Brian's arms, one being deaf and the other being blind. While Brian and Stewie argue, the blind one falls into a pond and apparently drowns, and a deaf one is said to have been run over by Joe's lawnmower. When Brian tries to get away for a while, Stewie finds that Brian was only rejecting him because Stewie seemed upset and thought Stewie needed space to sort it out. After reconciling (and Stewie realizing that impregnating himself has been rendered pointless), they decide to give the four surviving babies at an animal shelter and go back to the way things were. Stewie also states that he is keeping the gifts from the baby shower, which Brian didn't even know he had.

Meanwhile, Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe see a viral video of a penguin performing opera on the news, and decide to make their own video. Bouncing around ideas, they head out to just start filming. Joe tries his hand at impressions which he is not good at. Later, they film monkeys watching a female frog dancing to Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name" at the Drunken Clam. Their video flops on YouTube with a strong negative comment towards Cleveland. At the Drunken Clam, a video of Chris "doing the shuffle" on the sidewalk while crossing the road is featured on the news, making Peter and his friends upset that it was not their video that was featured. Cleveland then asks Peter if he is aware that Stewie is pregnant, but Peter claims that Lois "is in charge of the kids".


In an interview ahead of the start of the season, Family Guy executive producer Steve Callaghan told Entertainment Weekly about the episode, which was planned to be the 250th of the series. He revealed that “When Stewie ends up giving birth, it’s not what anyone expects.”


The episode received an audience of 3.98 million, making it the second-most watched show on Fox that night after The Last Man on Earth.


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