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Stevie Starr

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Full Name  Stephen Wright
Name  Stevie Starr
Role  Artist

Stevie Starr Stevie Starr quotThe Regurgitatorquot at Seminole Casino
Born  December 13, 1962 (age 53) (1962-12-13) Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Occupation  Professional regurgitator

America s got talent 2015 s10e19 live shows the professional regurgitator stevie starr

Stevie Starr (also known as "the Professional Regurgitator") is a Scottish performance artist known for being a professional regurgitator. In his act, he swallows various items, such as coins, lightbulbs, balloons, nails, billiard balls, dry sugar and goldfish, and then regurgitates them. He has never described exactly how this is done, and the implausibility of some of his regurgitations have led some to believe that he is an illusionist. Starr has a busy international touring schedule for his longer solo act.


Stevie Starr Regurgitator39 Stevie Starr looks for place in Britain39s

America s got talent 2015 s10e25 finals the professional regurgitator stevie starr full video

Britain's Got Talent

Stevie Starr How The Regurgitator works Nee39s World

In April 2010, Starr auditioned for the fourth series of Britain's Got Talent. During his audition, he was swallowing numbered coins and a billiard ball and then regurgitating them on demand and in order. He progressed to the semi-finals. In those he swallowed Amanda Holden's engagement ring, followed by a locked padlock and its key. He then regurgitated the padlock, which enclosed the engagement ring, followed by the key. Starr finished in fourth place in the public vote and did not progress to the final.

Das Supertalent

Stevie Starr 2paragraphscomwpcontentuploads201506Stevie

In September 2010, he performed on the 4th season of the German version of the show, Das Supertalent. He placed third in the semi-finals and advanced to the final. He finished in 7th place.

Česko Slovensko má talent

Stevie Starr Britains Got Talent Semi Final Stevie Starr Photo

In October 2011, he appeared on series 2 of the Czech-Slovak version of the show, Česko Slovensko má talent, where he progressed to the final.

Italia's Got Talent

Stevie Starr Stevie Starr The Regurgitator Directed by Peter Demetris

In October 2013, Starr appeared on series 4 of the Italian version of the show where he progressed to the semi-finals.

La France a un incroyable talent

In January 2015, he appeared on series 9 of the French version of the show where progressed to the final. He finished in 4th place.

America's Got Talent

In June 2015, He appeared as a season 10 contestant on NBC's America's Got Talent and reached the final round, finishing in fourth place.


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