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Name  Steven Fish

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Books  Democracy from Scratch, Democracy Derailed in Russia: T, The Handbook of Nation, Are Muslims Distinctiv, Democracy from Scratch

Why Autocracy Thrives In Russia - Steven Fish

Michael Steven Fish (born August 3, 1962) is tenured political science professor at the University of California, Berkeley. His research interest include legislatures, political regimes, regime change, religion and politics, and Eurasian studies. He holds degrees from Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and Cornell University. He published Data from the Handbook of National Legislatures and Are Muslims Distinctive? A Look at the Evidence.


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  • M. Steven Fish (2000). "The Executive Deception: Superpresidentialism and the Degradatoin of Russian Politics". In Valerie Sperling. Building the Russian State: Institutional Crisis and the Quest for Democratic Governance. Boulder: Westview. pp. 177–192. 
  • M. Steven Fish (18 August 2003). "The Impact of the 1999-2000 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections on Political Party Development". The 1999-2000 Elections in Russia: Their Impact and Legacy. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0-521-81676-2. 
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