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Stevan Ognenovski

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Nationality  Macedonian
Role  Writer
Name  Stevan Ognenovski

Spouse(s)  Margarita Ognenovska
Occupation  Computer applications
Parents  Tale Ognenovski
Stevan Ognenovski httpslh3googleusercontentcomLOQ91vO5y3EAAA
Residence  Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Alma mater  Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Croatia
Children  Nikola Ognenovski Kliment Ognenovski
Education  Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb
Books  Tale Ognenovski, Virtuoso of the Clarinet and Composer

Stevan Ognenovski, MSc (Macedonian: Стеван Огненовски) born 9 September 1948 in Brusnik Village, Bitola in the Republic of Macedonia. He is a Macedonian information technologist, instrumentalist: drum, reed pipe (recorder) and writer. Stevan Ognenovski is the son of Tale Ognenovski, multi-instrumentalist: clarinet, reed pipe (recorder), tin whistle, small bagpipe, zourla (or zurla, an oboe-like woodwind instrument similar to the Turkish zurna) and drum, composer and bandleader. Stevan Ognenovski is best known for writing the biography of Tale Ognenovski in the book entitled: "Tale Ognenovski Virtuoso of the Clarinet and Composer / Тале Огненовски виртуоз на кларинет и композитор (2000). Stevan Ognenovski received his Bachelor of Science degree in electronics engineering (Graduate Engineer, Dipl.-Ing. degree in electronics engineering) in 1974 and a Master of Science degree in computer science in 1991, both from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia.



Stevan Ognenovski finished his studies at the Georgi Dimitrov Gymnasium (Gymnasium)in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
He received the Third Prize at the National Competition of the "Society of mathematicians and physicians of Macedonia" in physics (Area of Electricity and Magnetism), the contest contained all the scholars of the secondary schools in Republic of Macedonia on 14 May 1967 in Skopje. Stevan Ognenovski received his DIPL.-ING. degree in electronics engineering – Discipline: Automatics (Diplom-Ingenieur) in 1974 with thesis: “Converter of Voltage to Frequency”. Mentor: Prof. emer. dr. sc. Ante Santic. Prof. emer. dr. sc. Ante Santic was awarded 2003 EMBS Career Achievement Award presented by IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Stevan Ognenovski received his Master of Science degree in computer science in 1991 with the thesis: “Software programs for measurement of the network traffic in the local area network”. Mentor: Prof.dr. sc. Leo Budin. Prof.dr. sc. Leo Budin is Member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Information about the master's science thesis of Stevan Ognenovski can be found at the Web site for Croatias Ministry of Science and Technology.

Professional career

Stevan Ognenovski has 33 years of experience in telecommunications and computer science; including research and development to switching systems operations, computer systems, computer networks, GSM billing system, IP network and public payphones. He began his career with "PTT "Makedonija"" (now "Makedonski Telekom" – It is part of the Magyar Telekom Group which is a fully consolidated subsidiary of international Deutsche Telekom Group.), Department of Research and Development in 1975. Other employments: "SOZD Elektrotehna DO Delta", Ljubljana, Slovenia, "SOZD Iskra DO Iskra Delta", Ljubljana, Slovenia and the Information Technology Department at the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.


  • Jazz, Macedonian Folk Dances and Classical Music (2001, IR04542, Independent Records, US)
  • Mozart and Ognenovski Clarinet Concertos (2006, IR37223, Independent Records, US)
  • Macedonian Clarinet Jazz Composed By Tale Ognenovski (2008, IR38824, Independent Records, US)
  • Drum

    He played with his father Tale Ognenovski on three Audio CDs.

    Reed Pipe (Recorder)

    Together with his two sons Kliment Ognenovski and Nikola Ognenovski they performed parts of tracks on two Audio CDs of Tale Ognenovski: ).
    "Jazz, Macedonian Folk Dances and Classical Music", tracks – "Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 1", "Stevchevo oro" and "Sharsko oro".).
    "Macedonian Clarinet Jazz Composed By Tale Ognenovski" – Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7".).

    Digital music

    Three CD albums of Tale Ognenovski are available through The Orchard, global company headquartered in New York and London to online music services such as iTunes and My Space. Physical compact discs are available through CD Baby, online music store.


    Stevan Ognenovski is author of the biography book entitled: "Tale Ognenovski Virtuoso of the Clarinet and Composer" (2000). Publishing house is Matica Makedonska, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; ISBN 9989-48-312-4; 406 pages (format A4). The book is published in both Macedonian and English. Dushko Dimitrovski, ethnomusicologist and reviewer of the book writes: "This book can be distinguished from others by the way research has been extraordinarily complete and scrupulously conducted. An enormous number of richly illustrated moments in his life and the creative style of Tale Ognenovski make it possible for everyone to see the extraordinary values and dimensions of this artistic person as one of the most important instrumental maestros in the world and a uniquely creative musician." Kiril Todevski, ethnomusicologist and reviewer of the book writes: "In the first chapter the author, using selected materials, has included biographical data and individual articles about Tale Ognenovski's performances, as well as significant statements about his contribution towards the common proclamation of our cultural values with Ensemble "Tanec" on their mammoth tours in the United States of America, Canada and Germany in 1956, followed by the tours in France and Switzerland in 1959. Perhaps the most significant of his performances with Ensemble "Tanec" was the one in the famous Carnegie Hall in America."


    Stevan Ognenovski is author of the Official Website of Tale Ognenovski entitled: Tale Ognenovski, Musical Genius, Clarinetist And Composer".


    Valentina Gorgievska, reviewer of the newspaper "Vreme" wrote: "For the work of Tale Ognenovski, his son, MA Stevan Ognenovski wrote a book entitled: "Tale Ognenovski, clarinet virtuoso and composer" ... Tale Ognenovski has composed and arranged 150 Macedonian folk dances, one classical concert entitled "Tale Ognenovski Concerto for Clarinet No. 1 and 12 jazz compositions. On all tracks on his albums he was instrumental soloist on clarinet, reed pipe (recorder), small bagpipe, zurla and drum, and some of scenes with him playing the reed pipe (recorder) and Stevan Ognenovski and his sons Nikola Ognenovski and Kliment Ognenovski. Stevan is the author of eight music videos of his father, who put on the internet site YouTube, which contributes to the affirmation of Macedonian culture worldwide."

    Magazine "Tea Modena"

    Tale Ognenovski gave an interview to Rumena Ravanovska-Tulbevska, editor of magazine "Tea Modena" in July 2009. Rumena Ravanovska-Tulbevska noted: "Tale Ognenovski is always environed with love of his son Stevan Ognenovski and daughter in law Margarita Ognenovska."

    Videos on YouTube

  • Tale Ognenovski Clarinet Solo – Brusnichko Oro Macedonian Folk Dance on YouTube
  • Tale Ognenovski Clarinet Solo – Bukovsko Svadbarsko Oro Macedonian Folk Dance on YouTube
  • Tale Ognenovski plays Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Allegro on YouTube
  • Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1 – Macedonian Classical Clarinet Solo on YouTube
  • Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 1 – Macedonian Jazz Clarinet Solo on YouTube
  • Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 6 – Macedonian Jazz Clarinet Solo on YouTube
  • Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 7 – Macedonian Jazz Clarinet Solo on YouTube
  • Tale Ognenovski Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A K.622 III. Rondo Allegro (final movt) on YouTube
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