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State General Administration of Sports

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General Administration of Sport of China (Chinese: 国家体育总局 Pinyin: guójiā tǐyù zǒngjú) is the government agency responsible for sports in China. It is subordinate to the State Council. It also administers the All-China Sports Federation and Chinese Olympic Committee.


The agency is currently led by minister Gou Zhongwen.


The administration is responsible for a number of areas. They are:

  1. Creating a national sports framework
  2. Providing development in the sports industry and promoting sports development in rural regions.
  3. Promote physical activity and exercise participation in Schools, regional and local communities.
  4. Organizing athletic and national sports events
  5. Enforcement of drug use and anti-competitive measures
  6. Liaising and cooperating sports with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
  7. Organizing international sport events in China
  8. Support and fund research into the development of sports
  9. Implementing regulation governing the sports industry, market and best practice


The agency is organised into the following departments.

  • General Office
  • Sport for All Department
  • Competition and Training Department
  • Finance Department
  • Policy and Regulation Department
  • Personnel Department
  • External Affairs Department
  • Science and Education Department
  • Press and Publicity Department
  • Party Committee
  • Supervisory Bureau
  • Bureau of Retired Cadres
  • List of Directors

  • He Long (贺龙, 1952-1967)
  • Cao Cheng (曹诚, 1968-1971)
  • Wang Meng (王猛, 1971-1974)
  • Zhuang Zedong (庄则栋, 1974-1977)
  • Wang Meng (王猛, 1977-1981)
  • Li Menghua (李梦华, 1981-1988)
  • Wu Shaozu (伍绍祖, 1988-2000)
  • Yuan Weimin (袁伟民, 2000-2004)
  • Liu Peng (刘鹏, 2004-2016)
  • Gou Zhongwen (苟仲文, 2016-present)
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