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StatSheet was an online sports content network powered by an automated publishing platform. The network included 345 sites - one for every Division 1 college basketball team. The company previously announced that the network will continue to grow and will include sites covering nearly every college and professional sport by the end of 2011. Each site provided real time updates, game previews, game recaps, injury updates and other reports, all published automatically using no human journalists, bloggers, or other writers. StatSheet also provided users with access to its data visualization platform designed to organize, generate, and deliver relevant real-time and historical statistics through a central portal. Users ccould query these statistics, build custom graphs and charts, and receive real-time updates on specific players and teams. Data was available for leagues, teams, players, coaches, and referees. The company provided detailed statistics for NCAA basketball, College Football, NASCAR, NBA, and has plans to provide similar detail for all other professional and college sports. In addition, the company provided a service called Embed StatSheet, which allows customers to integrate historical or real-time stats, charts, and other graphical elements on a website or blog.

The company was founded in 2007 by Robbie Allen, a 13-year veteran of Cisco where he served as Distinguished Engineer, IT. He is also the author of 12 technical books on topics ranging from DNS to Directory Services. The company is based in Durham, NC.

The company changed its name to Automated Insights in 2011 to mark its expansion into non-sports topics such as finance and real estate.

In sporting culture (particularly, American sports slang), the statsheet is a relaxed résumé of a player or team's statistics.


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