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Stanisław Radziwiłł

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Name  Stanislaw Radziwill
Role  Janusz Radziwill\'s son
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Born  May 12, 1559 (1559-05-12) Wilno
Children  Anthony Stanislas Radziwill, Anna Christina Radziwill, Jan Stanislas Radziwill
Spouse  Lee Radziwill (m. 1959–1974), Grace Maria Kolin (m. 1946–1959), Rose de Monleon (m. 1940–1945)
Parents  Anna, Princess Lubomirska, Janusz Radziwill
Siblings  Krystyna Maria Radziwill, Ludwik Ferdynand Radziwill, Edmund Ferdynand Radziwill

Similar  Mikolaj Krzysztof the Orphan Radziwill, Aleksander Ludwik Radziwill, Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł

Died  27 July 1976 (aged 62) London, England

Stanisław "the Pious" Radziwiłł (May 12, 1559 – March 19, 1599) was a sixth generation Radziwill family noble (szlachcic) of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He was a general starost (elder) of the Duchy of Samogitia (Samaiten, from 1595 until his death), a first ordynat of Olyka, and the Great Lithuanian Marshal (from 1592 until his death).

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He was the son of Mikołaj "the Black" Radziwiłł and Elżbieta Szydłowiecka. Raised as a Calvinist, he converted to Roman Catholicism and was known as a very pious person, which gained him the nickname Pobożny (Pious). He was also known for his scholarly interests - he collected books and could read in many languages. He avoided politics, but fought in the wars with Muscovy under the Polish king Stefan Batory. He built most of the Olyka Castle.


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