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Stackridge (album)

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Released  6 August 1971 (U.K.)
Genre  Folk rock
Producer  Fritz Freyer
Recorded  March – April 1971
Length  50:34
Label  MCA Decca Demon (CD-reissue) Angel Air (CD-reissue)

Stackridge is the 1971 debut album by the English group Stackridge. It was one of the first releases on the MCA Records label in the U.K. It first appeared on CD in 1997, released by Demon Records in the U.K. In 2006 it was re-issued again by Angel Air.


The Stackridge style is rather hard to categorize. According to the liner notes of the Demon Records CD the group claimed a wide range of influences including the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, Syd Barrett, Robin Williamson, the Marx Brothers, Flanders and Swan, Bing Crosby, Tom Lehrer, Gilbert & Sullivan, Frederick Delius, J.S. Bach and Igor Stravinsky.

"Dora the Female Explorer" was the only single released from the album. Lyricists Andy Cresswell-Davis and James Warren had hoped to adapt six of the album's songs into a cartoon-book for children, but the project was never completed.


The album was recorded on 16-track equipment at De Lane Lea Studios, London, between March and April 1971 with recording engineer Martin Birch. It was produced by Fritz Freyer. Deep Purple were in the studio next door working on their album Fireball.

The album contains the original version of "Slark" which was later re-recorded in a much shorter version for a single. "Slark" was the highlight of many concerts, combining folk and progressive rock elements to create the first Stackridge epic.

Track listing

Side one
  1. "Grande Piano" - 3:21 (Andrew Davis, James Warren)
  2. "Percy The Penguin" - 3:40 (Davis, Warren)
  3. "The Three Legged Table" - 6:47 (Warren)
  4. "Dora the Female Explorer" - 3:45 (Davis, Warren, Michael Evans, Michael Slater, Billy Bent)
  5. "Essence of Porphyry" - 8:04 (Warren)
Side two
  1. "Marigold Conjunction" - 4:58 (Warren)
  2. "32 West Mall" - 2:25 (Davis, Warren)
  3. "Marzo Plod" - 3:05 (Warren)
  4. "Slark" - 14:07 (Jim Walter, Davis)
Bonus tracks on 2006 reissue
  1. "Let There Be Lids"
  2. "Slark" (single version)

On some versions of the album, such as the U.S. edition released by Decca Records (DL-75317), the title of the song "32 West Mall" was shortened to "West Mall." Decca had also changed the titles of songs by other British artists, such as The Who, for U.S. release.


  • Andy Cresswell-Davis - electric and acoustic guitars, lead and backing vocals, piano, harmonium
  • James Warren - electric and acoustic basses, lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Michael Evans - violin, backing vocals
  • Michael "Mutter" Slater - flute, backing vocals
  • Billy "Sparkle" Bent - drums, triangle
  • Other credits

  • Album cover design: Hipgnosis
  • References

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