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Stéphane Mifsud

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Stephane Mifsud

Stéphane Mifsud httpsiytimgcomvi73iaYBwmMmaxresdefaultjpg

13 August 1971 (age 49), Istres, France

Herbert Nitsch, William Trubridge, Alexey Molchanov

Professional freediver wr stephane mifsud demo spearfishing

Stéphane Mifsud is a French free diver born 13 August 1971 in Istres (Bouches-du-Rhône). His lung capacity was measured at 10.5 litres. He is five times world champion in static apnea (breath holding).


Stéphane Mifsud Stage avec Stphane MIFSUD 5 fois Champion du monde d39apne

His surname, Mifsud, is of Maltese origin.

Stephane mifsud s freediving dynamic apnea world record

Personal best

Stéphane Mifsud Stphane Mifsud au salon de la plonge 2008 aquaaventura la

  • Static apnea: 11 minutes 35 seconds on 8 June 2009 (World Record at the time)
  • Dynamic apnea without fins - 131 m
  • Dynamic apnea with fins - 213 m

  • Stéphane Mifsud Stephane Mifsud New Static World Record DeeperBluecom

    Stéphane Mifsud Stephane Mifsud Momentum

    Stéphane Mifsud Shark Freediving Stephane Mifsud 1135 Static Shark Freediving

    Stéphane Mifsud Stphane MIFSUD L39Odysse Bleue

    Stéphane Mifsud Rencontre avec Jos Jeuland et Stphane Mifsud l39occasion de l


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